Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alberta Ranch Vacation Information

For you cowboys who want to ride in the footsteps of Ennis and Jack, I give you Alberta Guest Ranch vacation. I mean if you are gonna do it, then do it right and do it BIG! It seems Shane is wanting to do this sometime, so here are some links for you to peruse!

  1. Alberta Guest Ranch Vacations.
  2. Farm Ranch Locations
  3. Lucasia Ranch Vacations
  4. Bent Creek Western Vacations
  5. CanTravel Vacations
  6. Ranch and Farm Country Vacations
  7. The Cowboy Trail

There you go 7 very interesting sites for you to look at. Come to Canada, we have some of the most beautiful vacation and living areas in the world. Alberta is just so amazingly beautiful. And if you boys down South want to come up North and do a real Brokeback Mountain Experience, then I might just come along with you!

There are no reigns on this one...


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