Monday, December 26, 2005

Urbi et Orbi

Pope Benedict the XVI gave us his Christmas Eve homily as well his Christmas message in which he remembers those who have been affected by tragedy and disasters and he calls for Peace all over the world!! (Laughs out loud!)

From the Ottawa Citizen:

"Addressing an enormous Christmas Day crowd, which filled St. Peter's Square despite the cold and rain, Benedict urged Christian unity as a way to seize upon the "life giving power of the child of Bethlehem" to create a "new world order" that can rectify ethical and economic injustices. "A united humanity will be able to confront the many troubling problems of the present time."

Didn't the Nazi's want to create a "New World Order," as well as President Bush's Conservative base, hmm, It seems the Pope has already begun to cleanse the church of those who are undesireable and unwanted, don't you agree?

"The modern age is often seen as an awakening of reason from its slumbers, humnaity's enlightenment after an age of darkness," he said "Yet without the light of Christ, the light of reason is not sufficient to enlighten humanity and the world."

I don't think the Catholic Church has the capability to Awaken from its slumber and move into enlightenment after an age of darkness, since women and gays have been separated from God and Christ and the church. They are only moving backwards, and not forwards.

As John Paul did before him, Bendict used the urbi et orbi message to briefly survey the crises of the world. He singled out areas where he said christians are being persecuted such as Lebanon and Darfur, scene of "fratricidal conflicts" and "humanitarian tragedies," and made a special appeal for PEACE in Iraq and the Middle East, where "signs of hope, which are not lacking, need to be confirmed by Actions inspired by fairness and wisdom."

Christian persecution... Well, isn't the Church persecuting LGBT Christians? Has the curch not begun to persecute and prsecute and separate Gays from Ministry and Gay seminarians from the priesthood? The Catholic church is at the top of the list for Christian Persecution.

The Pope calls for Peace at this time of Christmas to remember the Baby Jesus, YET, in the last few months this Nazi Pope has begun to systematically persecute those who are different who wear a collar just because they are gay, and he has scapegoated an ENTIRE population of men to serve as sacrifical lambs for the sins of straught priests who have committed pedophilia on children! The Pope started a war in his OWN CHURCH over the Gay Agenda and Gay Priests and seminarians, and he preaches from his pedistle the message of Peace, Benedict is a God Damned Nazi Hypocrite.

The Hell with the Church and its message of Love thy Neighbor as God would love you! The Pope should be removed from his position and we should have a more "just and compassionate and all welcoming Pope."

Benedict is a Rottweiler and a Dog of a priest and surely he is not MY pope, and never will be.

For those of you in Ottawa who think we should not judge this man, think again, and look at the first eight months of this papacy and see what Pope Benedict has already started. His track record is not stellar! Shame on you for your ignorance!


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