Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Twosday !! (12-13)

HERE is the tree ( the 5 story ) Christmas tree at Place Montreal Trust that I have spoken about at length before. The pods around the tree are all "Moving" story book scenes.

Busy, Busy Twosday... Lots of things to do.

Tomorrow I can start Christmas shopping for the kids, all 5 of them, plus my adopted children around the world. he he he Most everyone answered back my mail requests and those cards will go out tomorrow with the rest of the mail. I am ahead of the game. I LOVE SHOPPING!!

"Scene" Wilma and Betty standing in a store ... "CHAAAARGE IT !!!"

I received some very useful feedback on my writing from another reader, so I have some work to do in the coming days to tighten up and polish the manuscript. I have spent the better part of a week rereading some of my Paul Monette writings. I really appreciate his vision of AIDS from that generation. His was a generation before my diagnosis, and there is a distinct difference between how he wrote and how I write. The former generation was really about the fight for life in the immanent face of death. There was an urgency to life and to love, alot harder than it is today. In my observations since my diagnosis and my personal story, there is a huge ocean between the community of his and the community that I called my own. I think I can properly discuss that difference and make a few points in some more writing. I can appreciate that most of the book is heavy and really serious and information overload is a problem. I think that I can add some levity to the manuscript so that there is "in between" writing within the greater scope of the book.

There is a definite end to that book and there is a purpose for what I wrote, to share the journey as it happened to me but I see that I have to open up the read to readers a bit more and share some points rather than give advice. Like a friend said, that could alienate some readers, there are many paths to walk, not only my own. So I thank you for your advice, it is wise counsel.

A few of you will be getting holiday stockings in the mail, so watch out for them. You might be the recipient of some "Merriment from Montreal." You never know, you might have made Blinky's gift list. He's been so busy that he has not had time to write, between his North Pole duty and his running around Montreal in the snow, it's hard to keep a handle on him. he he he

I have some meetings to attend to this week with some friends of mine in the publishing and journalism business, and hopefully those meetings will bear fruit. Resentments are pointless and a waste of time, yes, I am disappointed with how things have transpired and I am not going to deny that, but we move on, and hopefully everyone will get "well!"

The meeting tonight was sparse to say the least. It seems most of our members are either pissed off that we talked about "decisions and other plans" for the holidays since it seems so many people are so fucking miserable with the thought of repeating the same behaviour this christmas, some people just wanna wallow in their insanity. I gave the most miserable of members some viable solutions to help them create their own safe spaces and traditions of their own, since the traditions they came from made them insane to begin with, and it seems some of them did not want solutions, all they wanted to do was piss and moan, and that's just not productive. But hey, I've been here too! You either find the path or you remain in your insanity until it either takes you down or you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sad ! Or else they have begun to hibernate away from going out into the cold to get to a meeting. And you know what they say, "You don't go to meetings, you too will get bitten and fall into the ME trap and maybe you might even drink if you're not careful! People who don't keep up their meeting in the Winter usually spend inordinately long periods of time in the pits of hell and insanity!!

Thanks to all of you who responded to my requests... Especially MO and Boo.

The DD is noble - and the DD is wise - I can confirm that 100%!!!


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