Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday pondering

Yes, It's Sunday and I had to give props to my guilty pleasure, Dr. O'Malley Rocks!! And bouncing between Survivor (Danni) won, yeah, hurrah, big deal. Rafe should of won. So back to Grey's Anatomy, I just love this show... I'd like a doc in blue scrubs called O'Malley for christmas.

Oh, and my St. Johns Bible was shipped today from Amazon. I got a sweet deal and discount and priority shipping to get here before Christmas for less than $53.00. Along with the other books I ordered this month, Anne Rice, Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt and a book written by one of my Professor's Donald Boisvert (Gay Catholic Priests and Clerical Sexual Misconduct: Breaking the Silence). OHHHH such a scandlous read for the holidays! Gotta love the man. I've read almost everything he has written that I have found.

So that's all for tonight, It SNOWED BIG TIME today. I love the snow. Tomorrow I have to turn in my papers to the department and I am finished till January!! WOO HOO !! It is ( -3c ) at the moment and more snow is expected tomorrow! YAY !

So the New Survivor will be called Survivor - PANAMA - EXILE Island... sounds exciting.





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