Saturday, December 17, 2005

On the subject of spirit "scents"

I've discussed my small spiritual/spirit observations in my bedroom as of late, and I got some interesting suggestions which I have done ... As of late I am fighting another bout with illness and so I've been sleeping alot more than usual and alot harder than I have been. Yesterday morning I got up kind of foggy and jumped in the shower to clean off the haze.

I did my usual shower ritual/wipe/shave/brush/hair and then stepped out of the bathroom, which is within our bedroom, and stepped towards the bed ( Peter's side of the bed is closest to the bathroom door) mine is near the window, anyways, when I stepped near the bed to get dressed I caught the "SCENT" of my grandmothers kitchen. Every house / kitchen has a smell that is particular to each house, not many homes I have ever been in have duplicate smells.

My father's mother's house/kitchen (has/had) a distinct scent, that is imprinted in my brain, and it stopped me dead in my footsteps for a couple of seconds, when I realized what it was that caught my attention. I've been thinking about this for the last 24 hours. I suppose that she has been keeping watch over me a little closer than usual, because this time she left a signature to let me know she was there, in my room, if that is what she meant to let me know, I got her message. I have not smelled that "scent" again since yesterday. And it is not a scent that is present in my apartment at any other time than when she is near or in my room.

I just thought that this latest observation needed to be documented for future reference.

It has been said that when spirits visit us, they sometimes bring with them a specific scent that will catch our attention to let us know that they are here in our sphere of consciousness. This is a continued sign that my visits are not all in my head.


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