Sunday, December 25, 2005

Late Christmas Eve Saturday

What a wonderful day it was today. We spent ALL DAY cooking and preparing a spread to feed an army of family. I find it wonderful that the four of us work so well together. Peter and mom in the kitchen and dad and I shoveling snow and taking up the service work. We finished around 5 pm and had the food ready to plate and serve by 6. We had a little while to relax and unwind before the big party began.

My brother and sister in law took the kids to an early mass and got here around 6:30 and the festivities began. There was so much food - and everyone ate til we could not stand up. Which was nice that everyone enjoyed all the food. Tomorrow we will do it all over again, for a different group of people plus the Christmas Bird!

We spent the night tracking Santa across the globe. By the time the kids got here, Santa was flying into Paris, by the time they left at almost 10 p.m. Santa had crossed into N.F. We got alot of really great gifts from my inlaws and my brother and sister in law. This years theme was family and memories, and everyone received a gift that had to do with photos or memories. The kids got scrap book kits and piles of sorted photos, it was quite genius if you ask me.

We had lots of conversation and so much laughter and peace - things have been incredibly relaxed unlike last years visit. With my mother-in laws surgery and recovery taking place we all had to take up posts to try and make the weekend easier on her. We did that. After everyone gathered in front of the fireplace to open our stockings (we get baskets) of goodies, it is family tradition, I finished washing all the dishes so that when the family left everyone could turn in and get some rest after a very long and laborious day.

Mom and pop are in bed, we finished with the laundry and dishes and unstacking the dishwasher and setting the table for tomorrow so when mom gets up everything is done - except putting the bird in the oven and opening the balance of the christmas gifts in the morning. It did not snow today or tonight, although it got armer and rain fell !!

I hate rain. But do not despair, it may snow afterall over night if the temps drop as the forecast portends.

I am having such a wonderful weekend. I hope you all have a ver Merry Christmas tomorrow.

May God's blessing be upon you and your house and May the Joy of the Christmas Season be in your hearts.

Goodnight from Ottawa...

Ho Ho Ho


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