Wednesday, December 21, 2005

hair today, gone tomorrow

Every good gay boy has a desire to be beautiful. So today was our day of beautification for removing any visible signs of aging. No grey hair here babies !! We had a date with out favorite beautician for a cut and tonight we did a little color! he he he Why, because I'm worth it...

The problem with working in a rehab center is that everyone is a suspect of gossip and when I reported the news today, the staff went on the offensive to prove me wrong - Kevin is still dead yet I have not heard from his family and it is not my place to call them. I'm sure I will hear about this tomorrow when I hit the office to give "some" of my fellows gifts and others a lump of coal for their shoes!

Nothing much else going on here, Gots to get the suitcases down from storage and start packing for our trip on Friday. It snowed again today into tonight, and we are expecting alot more snow over the weekend, and crossing ones fingers, it may even snow in Ottawa on Christmas Day. Maybe this year we will get lucky ... All of Blinky's packages have been received by those who were on the list. Happy Happy !! Blinky hopes you enjoy your gifts and sends you warm wishes from the North Pole. Stay tuned for the "Santa Tracker Radar" which will be up over the weekend.

This week gave us the new hit show
that has become so popular all over the world,
And now it has come to the U.S.
with Howie Mandel hosting a chance game of luck and gambling
it is called ...



Hands down this show is so much more exciting than
Millionaire ever was


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