Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Night (Weekend report)

Greetings from Ottawa...

Uneventful busride brought us to Ottawa this afternoon. It was a great evening, the snow was falling when I last went outside. Tomorrow we will have christmas here with my inlaws and Peter's brother and sister in law and kids. Christmas will be a small soiree with the four of us, which will be nice.

I got my CD from the RLP today in the mail. and I think that Boo's package is also in Montreal waiting to be picked up - I did not have enough time to get it before we left, the mailman decided not to come upstairs, but leave a damned slip for pick up at a local PO drop at Pharmaprix, so I will get it on Tuesday. It's all good.

I am going to bid you all a good night, and will post again tomorrow.

Oh, lest I forget, My mother in law is doing fantastic. She is walking very well and has all kinds of gadgets that she uses like a really "sweet" souped up walker made from new polymer material, and it is fire engine red, which is really "sweet" in her own words. 12 weeks out from her hip replacement and this week she got laces back in her shoes, and she can bend past 90 degrees which gives her alot of mobility and range of motion. She tells us that being able to put on her own socks without assistance and tying her own shoes was a HUGE accomplishment at this point in her recovery schedule. She is very happy and in great spirits.

We laughed and laughed at dinner. It was a great night.

It's all about gratitude right? And I was caterwalling about what they would think!

I worry about things too much.

So Merry HO HO ..

Goodnight from Ottawa


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