Thursday, December 29, 2005

End of the year review

2005 is coming to a close and here is my musical retrospective of the past year. My music taste varies from one side of the spectrum to the other. In no certain order, except for the top 3 Cds's on this list, they were the last to come to me this holiday. I hope you take some time to maybe check them out - they are well worth the time and money.

1. If contemporary Christian Music appeals to you, then Steven Curtis Chapman should surely be in your cd tower. His powerful lyrics and meaningful songs will stir in you the fact that God can be an integral part of our lives. This Cd "Speechless" is wonderful in its simplicity. The theme is water, and family. A very moving piece of musical genius.

2. Another work of art by Steven Curtis Chapman, "All things New" is a masterpiece of orchestration and my favorite, the Acoustic Guitar. This Cd asks questions and gives us certain proof of God's existence. My favorite track on this Cd is "Believe in Me" it is a wonderfully orchestrated song, rich in sound and imagery. Steven is an artful composer because his music is so visually beautiful. It is as if Steven has had an opportunity to speak to God and bring us back some of that conversation and visual pictures of heaven. Steven has captured the voice of God and brought it to the rest of us to hear.

3. When I was a teenager I was introduced to contemporary christian music through the youth group that I was part of for many years. Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my cherished favorite musicians. This "Greatest Hits" cd is masterful and beautiful. This album (in his succession) of hit Cd's is wonderful. Each of his Cd's (imo) takes us on a journey to find God and to worship with him in his presence. That is what I enjoy about this music, that it engages the listener to stop and listen and once you stop and listen you are invited to worship and pray.

4. Mary J. Blige ... "No More Drama. "This is a fantastic work of art. I love Mary's voice and the power and truth she puts into her writing. There is alot to consider listening to her voice. She is on my list of amazing artists of 2005. She can also be seen singing on a Sting Cd/Dvd Inside the Songs of Sacred Love. She is just amazing.

5. What is a Cd collection without some Queer as Folk Music to paint you a picture of what you might find in a gay man's music collection. So here it is the quinticential Cd of the "QAF -Final Season 5" of the Queer as Folk Series that Showcase Canada and Showtime in the U.S. ran. It is a fast paced dance hall collection of music showcasing artisits who have previously appeard on QAF soundtracks, and new artists like Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters. This cd also has a remixed version of "Proud" by Heather Small. ( I like the original cut much better than the dance hall cut).

6. One of the soundtracks of my early childhood was both Sonny and Cher and number 6 on my list of music, "The Mamas and the Papas" this is a fantastic Cd if you enjoy music from that period of musical history. It is interesting how certain cuts from this Cd were present on many occasions in my teenage life. Many of these songs were "made over" by contemporary artists and included Rock Groups like Van Halen. This CD is a piece of musical history.

7. For those moments of my day when I want some rock and roll, Sum 41 and Linkin Park are my two favorite bands to listen to. "Chuck" is a masterpiece of rock and roll angst and question. Even if you are not a fan of rock and roll, this is more on the lines of the angry boy syndrome that we find in the lyrics and music of Linkin Park. I find commonality in both of their musical writings. I enjoy Sum 41 when I want to get on a train and just sit and rock.

8. We move now into my angelic beautiful music selections. Josh Groban is an angel, his voice is heavenly even if you don't understand Italian or Spanish, you can find translations here and there, if you know where to look. "Closer" is a beautiful Italian piece of art. The orchestrations are amazing, and the fact that Josh is multilingual brings beauty to any language. I think that everyone should have some Josh Groban in their musical library.

9. I was introduced to "Josh Groban" a few years ago, when he would appear on television singing duets with people like Celine, Charlotte Church and Andrei Bocelli and the likes of other great singers. This is Josh's freshman Cd that came out a few years ago. It is angelic and wonderfully written and orchestrated. It is a must have for those quite long road trips, and for the occasional romantic night at home with your significant other.

10. Now for some home grown talent and a friend, I introduce to you Lucas Mire. A native of New Orleans but now resides in the city of "Hot-lanta" (Atlanta) Georgia. Forever's not as long as it Used to Be, is a wonderful Cd. Lucas sings from his heart and I enjoy that about him. Reading his "Blog" and listening to his music gives you unique perspective into the life of this very talented young man. ( I guess I can say that since I am so Old now!) he, he, he...

Lucas is presently working on his next project, and I hope to get a "snippet" from him Hey Lucas
(Hint Hint!!) I love Lucas's music. He is a great writer and musician. Take a spin over to the cd baby site and listen to or BUY a copy of his Cd.

11. Lastly, but not leastly, is Madonna's new addition to the dance hall music scene, Confessions on a Dance Floor is great. This Cd takes you on a musical journey across a dance floor in the first cut ( Hung Up with the Abba rift from Gimme Gimme ) across a landscape of cities ( I Love New York ) into the sacred space of Kabballah in ( Isaac ) this is a must have for your MP3 player. Madonna is always a good choice if you want great dance music.

So there you have it, my Musical Presentation for 2005. I hope that you have at least enjoyed something off my list, and if not you can click and purchase your own copy. We look forward to Lucas Mire's 2006 addition to his musical collection.


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