Thursday, December 29, 2005

The "COMA" nap

I have heard it said that if you suffer from migraines that you should avoid things like aged cheese, certain chocolates and red wine. And usually my migraines start low on the right side of my neck and travel up the right branch of vessels and end up exploding right behind my right ear. Today's episode came on so fast I did not have time to lay down. I was sitting (here) talking to a friend of mine in California, when I felt it coming on too fast for my liking. But this time it was as if someone stuck an ice pick into my skull over my left eye. (now years of migraines prepares you for the same occurrence) this one got me good. It hurt so bad I could not see so I retreated into my dark bedroom and curled up into a fetal position after successfully popping a handful of Advil. This started around 6 in the evening. (It is almost 2 am now as I write this)

We got some seriously good Laura Secord chocolate for christmas and last night I indulged myself a few squares, and I wonder if the dark chocolate did not bring on this attack? I had my MP3 player in bed with me, and to stop the insanity of the screaming in my head I played a little Steven Curtis Chapman to send me off to la la land. I love the sleep that comes when the coma approaches and takes me off this plane of existence for a few hours.

Last night we watched a program on the N.D.E. phenomena. (Near Death Experience) I have had one really great trip into the garden back in the late nineties. Since my move to Montreal I have had several (astral trips) out of my body - as some would say - traveling outside of my body only to be "Snapped" back by some elastic cord. I know this sensation because I remember the episodes. I guess it depends on the person and how one is oriented that things like this happen.

AS for last nights second post after my spiritual experience, I have to say that I am far from NOT being sympathetic and I am compassionate and I have the patience of Job, I know when to leave a room and not say a word, just in case I insert my foot all the way up to my thigh. Its not that I have a problem with public displays of insanity, the last time I went off on my home group was a few weeks ago, when my nemesis went on and on about the fine art of scheduling time spent on christmas. She's fucking insane, and she drives me crazy, not to mention she showed up Tuesday for the early meeting, fancy that. I guess she survived her holiday intact.

I need to try and eat something. I have not eaten all night...


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