Thursday, December 15, 2005

Biblical delivery - The Saint John's Bible

This morning there was a knock on my door and a very pleasant mailman addressed me commenting on my christmas decorations and that he had a box for me. The box was HUGE and inside of that box, hermetically sealed was my copy of the St. John's Bible, Gospels and Acts.

Upon looking at the book, it is large as the gospel book we had in the church for mass. The pages are rich and the artwork is just heavenly. Like the RLP said, the text beckons you to sit a read it, there is no glossing over the writing.

You must sit and recognize the depth to which the artists worked on this bible. It is the most amazing text I have ever owned. Sitting with the book and leafing through the pages, looking at the amazing craft and care that went into this printing, reminds me of the visual of dark cells in a monastery where monks painstakingly sat day after night after day transcribing ancient text into a universal language and translation.

The style of text and the richness of the words is just amazing. You get the feeling, from the read, that the writer of this bible invites you into the mystery of the people of biblical times, because the script is reminiscent of an ancient text. This richness will only add to your reading enjoyment.

When I was in Seminary, many years ago, I remember leafing through midieval texts in our library and there is a specific smell of ancient texts that brings back memories.

I think this book will be my Holiday read, I did sit down and read a few chapters earlier, like the Annunciation story and the road to Emmaus from the Gospel of Luke.


From the dust cover

St. John's Abbey, a Benedictine monastic community in central Minneasota, and St. John's University, a liberal arts college founded by the Abbey in 1857, envisioned a bible that would ignite the spiritual imagination of people for centuries to come. It would be contemporary, interreligious, multicultural and prophetic. Created in Donald Jackson's scriptorium in Wales, The Saint John's bible will reside at St. John's University, which enjoys an international reputation for its work with midieval and early manuscripts.

Now, Donald Jackson and Saint John's Abbey and University introduce the first volume, Gospels and Acts, a beautiful book with 136 pages of sacred text and 25 exquisite illuminations that form a visual reflection on scripture. The Bible will be published in seven volumes, plus a special edition on the making of The Saint John's Bible. To learn more about fine art prints, facsimile reproductions and the creation of the Bible, visit: This Link Here!


If you should have any book this holiday season, The Saint John's Bible is just exquisite and Midieval in look and style. It is unlike any bible text I have ever seen, besides Authentic Midieval texts from early Midieval Christian History. I think it is a must have if religion is part of your life, and I think that every preacherman should at least have a copy to read and meditate on.


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