Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Madness

Hello boys and girlz...

So you see below that there is a possibility of Snow later on in the week, and you know the thought of snow makes me giddy as a school boy! I don't know what to write, so lemme ramble on a bit and maybe I'll get all "Yoda" on you!

Star Wars episode III is playing on my dvd player, I have to say that the "extras" package on this 2 disc set are amazing. If you have the time, you have to watch the "one minute segment" it's quite amazing to see just how many people it takes to film one segment of the film.

My neighbor is at it again. I can smell POT sitting inside my apartment again tonight. I complained to the office this evening on my way in, that I don't care if people smoke pot in their apartments just as long as I don;t have to smell it all night long. Nothing like the constant reminder of where I had been on a mightly basis. No I am not jonesing for a joint. But it gets on my nerves after while.

Everything seems to be getting a little more Expensive...

Yes, it is. Rents in Montreal go up by a percentage each year as per the yearly rent hikes that come via our Rental board. My rent went up 4% this year and we are paying almost $700.00 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. They tell us that Hydro will go up in Montreal as well, we have electric baseboard heaters in both rooms. If we get slammed this winter we will be paying more than $100.00 a month in heating which is added to our yearly programmed billing. Although here in Montreal, they cannot turn your heat off during the winter months, and we have until April to pay off all of the winter charges.

I am gald for socialized medicine. Because I only pay $75.00 out of pocket expense for my Aids medications and doctors visits are covered on our insurance plans. Not to mention that with a university career, our student insurance pays for a portion of out of pocket expenses for medications and treatments, yet we pay upwards of $120.00 per semester for this gem.

This Christmas we have stated to family that times are leaner than last year, as last holiday season, the goverment of Quebec was very liberal in paying out student bursaries all at once which afforded us many things last year, like a wedding, honeymoon and a very rich christmas. Peter and I have discussed the fact that we are not going to waste money buying stupidity gifts for the kids in the family. We have 5 kids to buy for as well, 4 adult couples. Add to that what I spend buying gifts for special friends (my family of choice).

Attempting to keep things in perspective from an HIV point of view...

Keep it Simple...

We have a good life, we have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge, and money in the bank. We have learned in as many years, that the accumulation of things is not what we aspire to do. What we do have in the way of "things" is what we liked to have after getting married. We have everything we need. And we try not to spend money on things we do not need, because really, with the little space we have left, one has to be choosy with what one collects in the way of "things."

Learning to make ends meet - with what little I had as a single man proved a daunting task. But then again, in the states I knew ways to supplement my income very handsomely. Over time you learn that there are things we need and if you need more money to survive there are ways of getting it, without sacrificing ones ass or ethics. Back then, an AIDS diagnosis was ones key to disability insurance, but in the end, it wasn't enough. Now it is much harder to get assistance than it was just a decade ago. The U.S. Government makes it almost impossible to get on social assistance programs, (basically one has to be on deaths doorstep) to get noticed.

But I know that you can make it, writing and publishing must bring in some much needed cash. I am almost finished writing my book, and hopefully we will get around to publishing it in the next couple of months. And hopefully this will parlay into a promising career. It's like, "It's time to pay my ass some money for all this wise and sage advice I can offer the world." They say talk is cheap, and I think it is hight time for me to capitolize on 13 years of HIV/AIDS experience. All this sacrifice and suffering must lead to something better!!

You know the Salvific quality of suffering.

No pain, No gain, so I was taught as a child.

It takes alot of time and effort to learn how to make it "Out in the world." Christ, do you know how many years it took Peter and I to learn how to budget and buy food and pay bills and still have money left in the bank at the end of the month? Almost 3 years.

So don't sweat the small stuff...

As long as there is air in your lungs
As long as there is a roof over your head
As long there is food in your fridge and your belly
As long as you have a comfy bed to sleep in
You have people who love and care for your well being,

Then you need nothing more...

Said simply, serve your fellows and all that good you give out to the universe will return to you when you most need it. Don't be selfish, arrogant or prideful, because "He says, pride cometh before the fall."

Take care babies, and take care of each other.


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