Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Medical Update - ala Grey's Anatomy

Here is our Christmas tree. There are alot more ornaments on it this year. I noticed in my travels today that more Christmas Decorations are up around town. I told you the tidal wave of decorating would begin in earnest...

Today was my appointment with the doctor at the Clinic in the General. And I found myself getting impatient this afternoon, because I was "last patient" on the rotation today and my doc was on the floor as well, so he kept running from the floor to the clinic the entire time I was there. I got into traige and then I had to wait for my doc to come in for his visit, in the meantime there was a knock on the exam room door and an intern came in to do a "check."

Like I have said before my doctor has a penchant for sending the interns to see me before his consult just to watch their eyes pop out of their heads, and today my doc gave me the ultimate compliment. Every time I see an intern come into an Exam Room, I always think about Grey's Anatomy. Nothing like being asked to participate in testing interns, some are good, some are lost.

I've had a gew problems - in the past few months that I told the intern about, and like a good Grey's Anatomy intern he was quick to make a diagnosis. All I wanted was to be in and out in less than an hour, well that did not happen today. God grant me serenity !!

I'm glad my doctor was sitting there when the intern made his pronouncement, because the intern was WRONG !!! This little intern seemed fresh, he was hesitant to get close and be personal, he kept his distance. That's unusual for interns in our clinic. ( VIRGIN ) !!! I made a mental note of his disposition for my report to the group. I am on an intern review board.

Anyways, my doc talked about me to the intern and told him how "different" a patient I was from all the other patients he has seen in as many years. He admitted his disbelief and obstinence to change in the beginning, but over the past few years he has had to accept things that could not be proven, and over the last 3 years he has collected a wealth of scientific data on my to use for other patients. My doc has truly had a spiritual awakening - I am still good at conversion !! he he he ( When I am Good - I am Good !!! )

So here are the numbers

T-cells are sitting at 875
(Down from 1000)

My CD%'s are 37%

Viral Load was not back yet

My doc said that all my other numbers were nominal and not to worry. My triglicerides and cholesterol are up a touch, but nothing dangerous. Thank you Protease Inhibitors. My 15 pound weight gain has been attributed to the Viracept and Zerit. All of my jeans are wayy to tight, so my gym workouts need to get tweaked a bit. They did a drug test with my latest labs to find out how many regimens are left for me to try, sadly, At this point, I am unable to utilize any drugs on the market due to the latest Phenotype / Genotype tests. So what does that mean, well the next round of drugs are due out in 6 months. So we stick to what I am on Now, Viracept,Videx EC, and Zerit.

My doc talked to the intern about the possibility that one of the other drugs I am taking called
( Pentoxyphyllin ) my doc seems to think that it has helped my immune system. This drug was used in HIV treatment in the early 80's when there were no retorvirals on the market. And because I have been on it for so mansy years added to the aggressive medical treatment I received the first 9 years of my treatment, that my body has maintained a rather strange but healthy status for so long.

Anyways, I am well, I feel great. I am back to sleeping well and my appetite is good. My doc wished me Merry Christmas, handed me my refill slips and told me he'd see me in 3 months from now.

Another year under my belt, and I lived my best life

I am living my best life.


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