Sunday, November 06, 2005

I know it's here somewhere...

You know that feeling, when you go looking for something that you know is in some box located somewhere in your house, that you haven't seen in a zillion months? So you start searching and tearing through every box you have stored away, and you know that whatever it is that you are looking for whether a big or small item will end up in the very last box you go look in, and now you've wasted two hours searching through every known storage area and you finally reach that last box, and voila, "There it is!!"

I thought to myself earlier today, I wonder where those Cd's are, which sent me on a two hour hunt through every box in the house, on the patio and in the bedroom closet, and wouldn't you know those cd's were in the very last box I pulled out and searched!! I should have started from the end point. he he he he

The item in question was my CD Box Set of my RENT soundtrack. We have at the moment about 500 cd's in our house, sorted and stored in certain bookcases and storage units. When Peter and I first met we carried around those cd's with us day in and day out. We would fight over who would get them next. And one day - long ago - that stack of Cd's were put away, never to be seen again. Over the past few days we've been innundated with the film clips from the new "RENT" movie that premiers on November 23rd, which is 17 days from now.


Let's make this easier on you... A letter from the Larson Family. If you look to the left on this page there is the cast list, and what a "fantastic cast" it is.

Dear Rent Fans:

We know, we know, you were hoping to hear from Idina or one of our other amazingly gifted actors, but we Larsons haven't had much of a chance at this blog until now, and thought a few of you might want a report from us. We've seen a (pretty darn smooth) "rough cut" of the film and can tell you we were blown away. The emotions were so strong that it took a while for us to take it all in. We're happy to say that we're thrilled with what we've seen and heard and continue to be grateful that Chris Columbus has been so inclusive with us throughout the entire process. (Al keeps saying he wants to adopt Chris, because Chris truly knows what Jonathan was trying to do with RENT and genuinely feels the same way Jon did.)

The movie is simultaneously gritty, raw, real, passionate and beautiful. Chris and everyone involved have done a wonderful job of translating RENT to a new medium while somehow managing to maintain the integrity and essence of Jon's vision. No easy task.

Given the events in the world today, RENT's messages of love and community are more relevant than ever and we're excited to think that a wider audience and new generation will have the opportunity to experience it. We think it will be as inspirational to them as it has been to all of you original RENT-Heads.

Once again, we want to thank each and every one of you for all your thoughts, comments and belief in Jon's work. Your continual support through the years has meant more to us than you'll ever know. More soon.

Much love,
Julie, Nan and Al


The Musical RENT, moved me in ways I never knew the first time I saw it, and it is a reminder of what life was like then, and how life has changed since. But the important factor is this, the notion of "Community" and how we live together, love each other and serve each other to take of ourselves and each other. I think it is important to keep the memory fresh and alive.


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