Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I wish there was a way to telepathically input all the words in my brain directly onto the page. My brain has been working overtime for the past week putting thoughts together as they come to me, and I find that it is when my mind and body is "still" that inspiration comes to me. Take last night for instance. We watched some television then went to bed at a modest hour and i tured all the home appliances off and crawled into bed with a book, and the thoughts starting coming one after the other. Jeez, why did you wait till I got comfy to start up? Maybe because my mind was too occupied with other things to spend thinking about writing.

I had a conversation with the publishing house today, and we are moving along with the process ever so diligently. I have a month to finish to manuscript, have it in a word document and fire it off for editing and processing. The woman I talked to seems very supportive and from her words she believes that this book must be written and IS important. I find that encouraging.

I am so wooried that my voice won't make a sound when I start writing, and I cannot mimic other writers that I have read, so taking a page from Lucas's blog, I have to just sit and relax and write what comes to mind as I see it, in my voice and my experience. This is alot of pressure, nothing like I have felt trying to rifle out a 10 or 12 page paper for school. It's not like I am going to get an academic "grade" for this, but far greater, a very "public" grade is what will come from this, and who knows Shawna, I migh find myself on that Oprah Couch, spreading the Gospel according to Jeremy !! ha ha ha ... no, no pressure at all.


I spent some time talking to an old friend today. It's funny how many people I knew, left the home city for greener pastures in other states, namely those of the NorthEast Quadrant. Now we have a real reason to go to New York City for a weekend. It is nice to reconnect.

I'm kinda brain dead at the moment, but I had to write something. We spent the day shopping and taking care of household chores. Peter starts his new job tomorrow, so I need to be present until he goes off to bed. Tomorrow I will have the whole day to sit and write with some quiet time. I am hoping to do that tomorrow.


Jayson is going to work in a drop in Center for People with HIV/AIDS, I cannot tell you how proud I am of your courage and desire to be "present" for a totally different group of people. Like I have told you, many religious people do not seem to understand the need for some spiritual presence or just that of Human Presence in the lives of those who are sick. But we have come to understand that HIV knows no barriers, religions, creeds or racial lines. And as well, HIV is not just a "gay" disease any more, yet the stigma still exists.

I believe that everyone needs to know that there is a God of their understanding who loves them and cares about them, and I also believe that every voice and life has a place in the grand story of the existence of man. Going to work at a drop in center is important because you never know when just being "present" may change a life for eternity. I applaud your work and your effort. I hope you are fruitful and that your life is changed for the rest of your life.

I don't think you ever expected your ministry of "life" to extend into the areas you are about to walk into. Lesser christian would fail miserably. And I am encouraged by the way this little blog community has been affected and changed by the sharing of our stories and lives.

We all walk this journey, together, and we do what we can to make a difference in this little world of ours and I have been encouraged by many men and women of my bloglist. And you never know when the Master will appear and say those words...

"Well done, good and faithful servant!"

With that I will close and bid you all goodnight.


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