Monday, August 08, 2005

Writing day ( Monday )

I was PRODUCTIVE today !!!

I got 24 pages written today single spaced, Introduction and chapters 1 - 2 and partial 3 done. Now I have to go back and do some editing. Don'tcha worry there girlz, there is still plenty of stuff to write about, as some of my material is coming directly from this blog. I mean why write it twice when I have alot of my points here!

I sat down, I turned on some really great Steven Curtis Chapman on the puter and I typed until I could not think clearly, that would be 4 hours worth of typing, with a few breaks here and there to answer some "fan mail." I love fan mail !! I love it when we start a dialogue. That means that all my efforts here were not in vain, and that someone thinks my writing is worth talking about. That gives me a really nice sense of accomplishment.

There are no stupid Questions, and you know it all begins with a question !

So what's your question???

What a sad day it has been, The tributes to Peter Jennings have been so incredible. I started watching him on the ABC news when I was in High School, that would be circa 1982-1985. Little did I know that many, many years later i would be saying that Peter Jennings helped shape the world I was living in and in his own way, I think he shaped alot of the man I would become today, because he was the only name I trusted to get my nightly dose of World News. He brought the world to his viewers each and every night. And when it counted, he stepped up to the plate on 9-11 and walked us through a national tragedy.


I have spent the better part of the day reliving the history and stories behind the success of a news anchor. And Its amazing how CNN and MSNBC have devoted hours to this story since last nights announcement. I am sure that tonights World News Program will be heavy and retrospective. Charlie, Elizabeth, Terry and Bob have BIG SHOES to fill now. I wonder where Carole Simpson has gone to, she was my favorite Sunday Night anchor for a long time, I was sad when she left the newscast.


The jiffy house elf came this afternoon and cleaned the apartment, vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed the bathroom down while I typed away here on the box. Nothing like a clean house to foster some incredible writing.


Let us keep the folks from Covenant Baptist Church in our prayers for their upcomming trip to Moldova. You can read about this note over on (real live The link is over there on the right ----------->


There will be more updates later on this evening. So stay tuned. OH Shawna flipped the counter to 11,000 this afternoon !! You are the 11,000th visitor to date.

See ya later !!


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