Sunday, August 14, 2005

What to do on a Sunday afternoon

It is grey and rainy outside and the body is achey and I feel "old" today!!

We decided to take a walk across the street, and go see the "Expo 67 - Montreal architechture" exhibition at the Canadia Centre of Architecture. We live across the street from the museum, and I have never been inside. It is a HUGE building on one side of Rene Levesque and there is an open air exposition that is built into the landscape across the street overlooking the Ville Marie Expresway. Anyway, i digress...

It was interesting to see Montreal as it grew up from the 40's onwards. There were pictures of what the skyline looked like in Downtown then and how it looks now, if you've never seen an urban downtown centre go up where there was none, it is quite a feat of architecture perfection.

There were sketches of proposed buildings and city scapes, some that were built and those that did not make it past the drawing board. There were also pictures of some of the major downtown "Metro/Urban" areas, like Place Alexis Nihon, which is right near here next door to the Forum, ( which WAS a Hockey Arena ) ( and is NOW an AMC theatre) and that is where the Atwater Metro is located, it is very different from what it was only 35 years ago. I think it is important to get the perspective on what Montreal had been just a few decades ago, to understand why it is the way it looks now.

In the back hallways and all over the building are seats from the Arena, Center Ice sits in the middle of the building with old Hockey Arena seats and a "fan" sculpture. There are photos of the old Hockey Landmark located all over the inside of the building now. It is a HUGE building.
The "star" walk of fame is located on the South Side of the building, and the Hockey Championship "bronze" Awards are in the sidewalk on the West side of the building.

There was also a HUGE exhibit on the Expo '67. That was the year I was born, and Montreal was very different then. It is amazing how the Islands were built from the fill from the Metro extensions to Longueuil. They had actual film from inside the exposition, and we sat on beanbag chairs and watched the movie - it was very interesting.

I saw a model of the "Bell Pavillion" from the Expo, it is remarkably Similar to the exhibit that is located at E.P.C.O.T. center at the Magic Kingdom, there is a round building with the 360 degree film presentation. When you visit EPCOT you will see a film about Canada in the Canadian Pavillion. Peter tells me that it might be the same presentation that was shown at Expo 86?? It is just an observation.

"To know where you are going it is important to know where you came from to get perspective on how you are going to get there!"

The link to the museum is above, if you want to go see it online.

Other than that we are chilling in front of the TV, what else can you do when the weather is grey and miserable!! Look for more updates later tonight.


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