Friday, August 12, 2005

The week in Review

Let's see here...

On Sunday Peter Jennings died from Lung Cancer
Eternal Rest Grant him, and may perpetual light shine upon him.

Ms. Ellie of "Dallas" fame died of cancer this week.

This week we come to learn that Dana Reeves has Lung Cancer
I understand today that her announcement came, in response to the fact that some tabloid was going to break the story! (Fucking bastards!!)

Spencer is not feeling well and needs treatment ( you can go read )
Open mind for a different view ---------> over there.

Jayson's dad is starting Chemo/Radiation for Cancer --------> over there.

Today I come to find out my best friend Nathan's mom, who was cancer free, was told that she has spots on her kidney and sadly, the cancer may have metastasized into the rest of her body, which is not good news at all.

Nurse Mia has gone M.I.A. - I wonder what happened after her tests
Death Maiden ---------> over there.

What is going on in the Universal Control Room??? Is anyone up there paying attention???


Birthday wishes

OB has hit the BIG 40 !! Congrat's I'm not far behind

Shawna is celebrating this weekend as well, Happy Happy GIRRRRRL !!

Chuck had a birthday as well and a bloggy anny !! "ah those milestones!!"



Let's see

The RLP has asked us to pray for his folk in Moldova...
Oh let's add the children to that list...

For all the sick and infirm, those we know and those on this list, may they find peace and healing and may they know that they are not alone. It has been proven that community prayer does work. So folks, I'll ask you to keep all these folks and their families listed above in your daily thoughts and prayers.


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