Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's Tuesday

What did you do today to make you feel proud???

I got some more written today, but the day did not come without alot more thought. Many of my friends who know I am writing this project sat down with me today and we talked about content and so tomorrow I have some more writing to do to fill in some gaps in the writing so far. I have received some incredible support from my peers.

BUT, I have a publishing question for my readers about paying for publishing service. I received the contract from the publishing house, and this is what i see so far, i have not read through all of the paperwork just yet, I need to sit and read it completely and I have a meeting with one of my prof's next week, he is also published and we will talk, for now, I will share with you some numbers.

Standard Paperback publishing: $689.00
Color paperback publishing at : $999.00
Distrib. Channel access : $ 20.00 Annually
Expedite Service : $500.00
Copyright registration at : $150.00
standard program $1359.00
Color program $1669.00

YIKES !! like I have that kind of money to put down with all the bills and school starting and trying to make all the pennies stack up ??? OMG !! There are more numbers on this "Publishing Menu!"

And the list goes on and on...

I have a meeting being set up with a journalism professor at school who is friends with one of my greatest supporters here in the city. So we'll see what happens. If any of my readers " YES YOU" you know who you are can give me some publishing advice I would greatly appreciate it.

I still have alot more writing to do so this will be a busy couple of weeks.


Other than that, today's topic was "balance." need I say more??

I am trying to balance everything going on in my life and I am trying to keep this all in perspective and not get crazy in my head.

Meditate, relax, breathe and chill out...

That's has been my day, short, sweet and to the point.


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