Monday, August 01, 2005

Are You a C.S.I. Junkie ??

I was sniffing around the lab tonight looking for some light dinner discussion and WHOA was I amazed when I went to check on the latest C.S.I. gossip and news. Above is the Hyper link to the C.S.I. Website.


Read at your own discretion...

  1. I can tell you that Danny's involvement with (said) gang work is not over, do i hear "Tanglewood" in my ears???
  2. That some one on the CSI New York crew will depart and someone will make their debut.
  3. I can tell you that the sexual tension between the characters in Las Vegas will ramp up this next season, alas, there is no mention of Lady Heather at the moment. Dammit Grissom needs some "diversion."
  4. I can tell you that someone from the C.S.I. Miami team WILL be leaving, but I bet you won't believe who that is! And I can tell you that the season finale of CSI Miami from last season is not over! Who stays and who goes? you'll have to go read and find out.

There's alot of news to talk about, but if you want the scoop then click the Hyperlink and go spend some time reading. *Note* use the links provided within each article to reveal more information. But be warned, read at your own discretion.


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