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AIDS Groups Boycott Event After Pastor Promotes 'Ex-Gay' Movement

by Newscenter Staff

Posted: July 31, 2005 12:01 am ET

ANOTHER TISK TISK for the CHRISTIANS !!! Poor Poor Christians.

I'm SO disappointed in the Christian and Catholic faith !!! Is this what Jesus would DO??

(Cleveland, Ohio) They are listed as official sponsors of a prayer service for people living with AIDS, but when the event is held today none of the groups will be present - accusing one of the organizers of misleading them.

The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland, the Lesbian/Gay Community Center, the Free Clinic, the Cleveland Treatment Center's Project Safe and AGAPE, an HIV/AIDS outreach ministry of Antioch Baptist Church pulled their support following an interview given by one of the organizers of the service, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Saturday.

Advance promotional material for the Seeds of Faith service said it was a prayer and healing service for gay people who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, and their friends and families.

It had been scheduled to coincide with the start of Black Gay and Proud Celebration Week in Cleveland.

Then, the Rev. James Jones of the 4 Real Church, one of the organizers of the service, told a church publication that he is an "ex-gay" and went on to compare homosexuality to addictions like alcoholism or narcotics abuse.

Jones said that gays needed to give up their lifestyle to get into heaven and that because of his faith in God he was opposed to gay marriage.

When fury broke out among among the LGBT groups who were sponsoring the service, Jones told the Plain Dealer that he had been expressing his personal views and that they should not prevent the groups from taking part.

But, the AIDS organizations say they were misled. "We feel incredibly deceived and betrayed," Tim Marshall, a spokesperson for the Lesbian/Gay community center told the Plain Dealer.

Jones said that even without the support of the groups the service would go ahead as planned.

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