Saturday, July 02, 2005

Whimsical Argentine Presentation

Tonight the "Married Couples Club"
crossed the Jacques Cartier Bridge overlooking
La Rhonde Amusement park for this weeks
Presentation of The International Fireworks Festival

Tonight's Presenters came by way of

Tonight we all brought our MP3 players so
we could listen to the music up close and personal
and what a difference it made in the overall experience

I found tonight's presentation different than
the others, but that was a good thing
Their use of music was interesting, and the way the
shells were choreographed to the music wonderfully
there were, as in the past 2 areas of show
on the ground and at water level and in the air

Their use of Color was amazing
LOTS and LOTS of color and style
each section of music had a specific style and presentation
it was all a classical style of music but at certain
points the fireworks took on a
"Lively and Whimsical" character
Whomever choreographed this show
had perfect and impeccable timing abilities
between the firing of shells and the
beat of the music the presentation was excellent

I have worked in the "Musical Lighting" profession
in nightclubs for many years, and I know what a difference
good lighting to good music can make to a crowd

I found their ability to "play" fireworks to the music
gave us something to watch, like a musician plays an instrument
and two melody lines appear in the song, so went
the fireworks - it was incredible to watch i found it
amusing and fun and that made the presentation
so much better than the others in
"This One Aspect"

Accentuation, Punctuation and Explanation
this was something I saw in the efforts tonight
very whimsy and fun at times

The crowds on the bridge were very receptive tonight
and there was alot of clapping and cheering
We give an Outstanding to the Argentine team tonight
and thank them for thier wonderful presentation

Well Done Argentina !!!


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