Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday night and Publishing

What a day today has been. Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!! I got up to watch the space shuttle take off this morning, what a joy to see the space race is back in full swing, let us pray! It brings me back to memories of seeing the shuttle go up when I lived in Florida. When I lived in Orlando, I can tell you that there were night launches that Lit Up the sky for miles and miles.

Sadness moves into acceptance and the hope to try and DO again. We hope for the astronauts tonight that they get the job done, that they send us back some incredible pictures from space, and they return safe and sound without incidence. We must keep our eyes focused on the heavens, aside from the deep oceans, space is the next frontier. I have always wanted to find myself on some starship trekking through the cosmos... Oh to dream.

I went to have coffee with my friends as usual today, then to set up for the meeting. Today's topic was HOPE, which leads to FAITH, which leads to GOD. nuff said !!

I got email from a publishing company today about my upcoming "book project." they inquired about my subject and hopes for the book, and I wrote a very honest and specific proposal and I set the tone very sternly. I had hoped that I would get full cooperation due to my topic being HIV and coping skills along with some memoir material.

I have been reassured in this response:

"I have the utmost respect for you and your cause. I believe that your book is a much needed tool in the world. People think that HIV was the disease of the 80's. Just like everything else they put their head in the sand and try to forget what is really going on around them. We are non-judgmental on what books we publish. Everyone has a voice and should be heard, with us, it is in print. I look forward to assisting you in your endeavors."

So there is the word. Now I await my first phone discussion with the rep this week.

I have a goal now and the hope that I will get it done and maybe in the coming months I will complete this project honestly and with the utmost humility.

We are set to begin the next phase of our lives now.

Promises do come true if you work and you pray and you listen ...

Let us CONTINUE the journey...


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