Friday, July 08, 2005


Another year comes to a close, and I reflect on where I have been and what I have done. And I ask myself, did I do what I set out to do? Yes, I think so. I set a goal and I walked towards it, and I did not look back. In the beginning, when i could only see my days based on hourly increments, I have come a long way, only, in recovery, to return to basics and begin "living in my day."

It always comes down to the basics doesn't it? And it always comes down to the silence in between the noise and hurry of ones day. I have shared this thought before. When it all fell apart, I was taught a path to live. If I made it to Christmas from this point on a yearly basis, then my next birthday was the next point of focus. I have done that now for 11 years, and it seems to work.

In recovery we learn that "staying in ones day" and "living in the moment" are so very important to live a well, balanced and happy life. Even when I try not to, I always remember that (that) model is available when things get to crazy and I loose focus or get caught up in drama or insanity.

So where shall we go now? I have some idea, and I have a goal for the coming months. I need to pay closer attention to my school work. I need to attain and maintain a GPA that is a 3.0 or better for the next year. I am sitting at a firm's not stellar and could be better, but what can I say, i spent the better part of the last 6 months sick.

Upon achieving this goal, I can apply for my Honors Program at Concordia. And Donald has promised me a spot on the Religion Department Honors Student List. That honors program will comprise my final year of studies.

I want to travel some more, and maybe take my hubby across Canada at some point and maybe go to Europe and see some sights. It is always a joy to take Peter places he's never been, I can live vicariously through him and enjoy it more.

What can I tell you all? Enjoy your lives and don't get caught up in the drama! Do NOT rent space in your brain to people who will abuse it. Love your spouse or significant other, remember to always (daily) tell them that you love them. Live as if it was your last day on earth, because you never know right?

Share your gifts with others, Don't hide your light beneath a bushel basket, what a waste that would be. Be generous and polite. Be open to new things and remain teachable.

LET GO of the PAST... it can do you no good ... but give you a vision of where you were. YOU are NOT there any more. Stop Dragging that damn Samsonite luggage behind you. Carry forward that which will help you, not hold you back from attaining and reaching your truest potential.

Remember to carry only that which you must, share your food, water and compassion with others on the journey that you walk, because you never know when the Master will turn up.

Shall you walk a step or two with me?


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