Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sunday night

Another Sunday has come and gone. I got an email from Author House Publishing today about my application for publishing. One of the representatives is supposed to call me this week to talk about my project.

Clay came to visit us this morning, a very unexpected visit from my adopted son. He brought up a new friend, i guess he wants us to know who his new friends are. They drove up thins morning and spent a few hours visiting then drove back. He looked good, healthy and so i guess he's eating well. That is one issue we have worked on for a long time. It was really good to see him.

Queer as folk is over... and wasn't I surprised. I had suspected that someone would be killed the rumored explosion was going around this past week. Brian finally professed his Love for Justin. God after so many years, he finally did it! But alas, Michael was the one in the firing line, how sad. And they left the question hanging in the air... "Did Michael survive?"

As you see below, Gay Pride began to day and will last through Sunday night, which is my birthday! I may just make it to my 40th birthday ... after knowing in the past that living was a paramount necessity! The big 38 this year.

It is after midnight here, so let us all wish CHUCK a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Ignorant people like Mary have pointed out that i am "infected" and that I am in recovery and that I left the United States. If she took the step to get the whole story from me, rather than come here and infect my blog with her narrow minded blog and her judgements, then maybe we could dialogue, but I left her two very worded responses on her blog AND she will not be able to leave any comments here...thanks to Haloscan tools and fixtures.

She says "our vices lead us into pain and suffering!"

Well, I was infected by a boy who did not disclose, it was only in his death did i find out.

Yes I am in recovery, alcoholism is a family problem, and if you understood what recovery was and why and how it affected me, then you would not need to point that out! Go back and read my blog and hear the entire story, maybe you would understand what courage and compassion is. Maybe you'd see just how much of a man I have become. I feel sorry for ignorant, judgemental women. They are just as bad as ignorant and judgemental men.

Yes I have had my issues in the past, but you see I am a whole lot different than I was 11 years ago! If you knew how hard I worked on family issues, my own issues, and came to love myself for who I am, then you would not see that as a disadvantage.

I STILL go to church, And I Still recieve the sacraments. My parish priest will not turn me away, because I am a faithful member of my church. I am involved in parish life and the Catholic University/multifaith community! And I matter to my friends, family and peers. I am a respectable Gay man who deserves nothing but love and respect and any one who cannot give me those things has no place in my life.

AS for my Marriage, we did get married in the Catholic Worship Space on the University grounds. My husband IS a faith filled man who loves me for who I am not what I am. And you can ask any of our wedding guests why they came to our wedding, and they will all say the same thing, "To celebrate the love between 2 men, they just happen to be friends and family to!"

I live to subvert the Catholic Church as far as I can. And Until God drops down out of his heaven and says that I am no longer welcome in his church and that I should just die already, I will continue to LIVE, to FIGHT, to LOVE and to SURVIVE. 11 fucking years... do you get me???

Faith has saved my life, because AIDS tried to take it from me, but I, along with the help of my God prevailed. I overcame and I fought every day of the last 11 years to get where I am. I am a walking, talking fucking miracle. And I shall see my maker and on that day he will have nothing to say to me excpet...."Well done good and faithful servant!"

I am a much better person than you will ever be!

I wish you to fuck off and leave me and my readers alone.

Stay in your fucking ass-backwards country safe in your heterosexual living rooms and sexless bedrooms. May I suggest you try some kink and maybe a little sodomy, you just might like it. I was taught in University that

"One cannot have the sacred without the profane."

And Every time I have sex with my husband, it is stellar sex, in our bed, before the eyes of GOD himself.

There is nothing more sacred than to be naked and vulnerable before my God. The rush of emotion is sacred and profound. But you would not know about that would you? I do!!


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