Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spanish Passion

The Best Vantage Point to see the
Fireworks in Montreal
At La Rhonde is from above at the South End of the
Jacque Cartier Superstructure, overlooking the lagoon
Unless of course you buy tickets to sit in the park

Tonight's presentation did not Disappoint
A GREAT Presentation
The music chosen for the show was great
Alot of ground coverage fireworks
The timing of the works and music was perfect
and the fireworks danced to the beat

They had these particular works that
exploded from the deck upwards and it was as if
bright colored tea lights had been suspended
in mid air, it was fantastic

The colors were dynamic and bright
again, this presentation was different
from the others, i still have my favorite
so far

Their coverage from ground to air was very well done
I have to say the best portion of the show was
the Riverdance portion. They used a very
colorful and fanciful set of works
fantatically timed on the ground
with white strobe and color stroobed
fireworks to match each step of the dance
and the music
(I've seen the Riverdance Show)
So I mused on what it would have looked like
to see the dancers set against the fireworks

We got there blessedly early so we got to
Sit on the catwalk and had a front row seat with
no obstruction to the view and we brought our
MP3players once again. They come in handy !!


Great Music
Great coverage
Fantastic color patterns
And the crowd went wild during the Finale
that is always a good sign


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