Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Soul of Healing (Deepak Chopra)

I spent an hour listening to Deepak Chopra talk to a group of doctors on the "soul of healing."

And I spent some time writing a letter to a fellow on the journey. There are many lessons I have learned over the last 11 years about how I would live and more to the point, HOW I was going to survive.

I moved from the time of waiting to die, into the realm of wanting to live. I started my search for divinity. I wanted to know the creator, and in that, maybe I would get some kind of divine information or "plan" that (they) ( I see divinity in many forms today) would give me. I heard alot in the last hour reinforcing the beliefs and practices that I now employ, well you know, being honest, I don't always make the time to listen to my soul. But I encourage my fellows to do that. I guess I do take time out to reflect because I usually do that in the morning when i wake up, I lay in bed and converse with the universe, and i know throughout my day, that I take time to be good to myself. And I write !!

Last night, I was sitting here at the box, and looking out the window at the "MOON." It was a full moon last night "Estelle!" And Tonight as well. It was low in the sky, yellow and huge. And all night I watched her trek through the sky. In Native Traditions, the Moon is the grandmother. She is wise and knowing.

Peter had an early morning today, so last night I stayed in the living room, finishing up my Harry Potter read. I got to bed as the sun rose. Which was around 5:30 in the morning.

Where am I going with this?

There is a search we all make in our lives, to find the soure of all being. Some take on the search as a religious event or tradition. Some seek divinity to better themselves, and some, like me have faced issues that point us to either find the path, or give up and die. Humans live in a predatory world, or judgementalism, better than you "itis" lots of "isms" and personality problems and attitudes.

We have lost the connection with the divine presence, because we either walked away from it, we are too busy to recognize it and listen to it, or we avoid it like the plague. Until we are forced to acknowledge it or call upon it for help in dire situations.

Healing begins when one realizes that it (healing) comes from within, and begins with ourselves, and it starts in the silence of the mantras of the chakras. Getting in touch with ones soul, and body, is something that necessitates healing.

The way one approaches problems, illnesses, issues, and addictions, can either mean success or failure in finding a solution. I remember living on the words of doctors to give me either the high sign or the low sign. I lived from lab number to lab number, and doctors appointment to doctors appointment. And whatever those numbers said, directly impacted the way I would live from one checkpoint to the next. If the numbers were low, then i turned out low. If the number was high, I either got crazy and self destructive or I maintained a status quo.

Once I learned how to "tap the body fantastic" I began to learn how to control my body and turn out numbers that stiemied the doctors. I never went to do labs when I was feeling sick, depressed or emotionally unbalanced. I never did labs after a break up or an illness.

I DO NOT do labs unless I am feeling good and powerful.

That took a long time to learn, a LONG time.

I started taking charge of my medical life, instead of relying on the words and judgements of the medical community. It's good that the doctors I have known all believed in the reality that " There is something OUT THERE, that has power to heal to change and to better!"

Most doctors live "by the number and the proof of science!" Well doctors I am sorry, but you have to know that there is power in the universe and that makes all the difference in lives of those who adopt some spiritual axiom to their lives. They say there are no atheists in the fox holes.

What the brain tells the body, the body eventually listens to and starts to believe, and if you get off on a negative thread, and you fall down the pit, it will take you twice as long to find your way out of it. Everything is 90% Mental and 10% Medical...

There are some issues and medical problems that have no solution, but to wait out the end, but I say, it is HOW you decide to live out that time that will make the difference in how you survive and how you will affect those around you, and yourself as well.

There IS a path. I know it exists. And I hope to write about the path in the coming months for publishing.

We can live better lives, if only we believed so much harder.

How we recieve and process information is vitally important to how we are to live and proceed through the days ahead. If we get bad information, how does that affect us, "Negatively!" and the reverse is true for "Positive" results. We must understand that how we are treated as people, and patients, directly affects how we treat ourselves and how we will continue to live our lives.

Deepak Chopra has many many useful teachings to those who like to read and study. I have followed his for a long time, and any time to get to hear him speak is a treat. Dealing with life issues gets easier the more information one has in their arsenal of knowledge. I don't think you can face a "life threatening issue" without comeing to terms with a power greater than ourselves. It is humanly impossible to deal with the roller coaster of emotions, issues and situations without some kind of assistance from the universal consciousness.

The body is a great vehicle for proving the existence of something greater than science. If you believe then ANYTHING is possible. If you trust in your abilities then you will go far. If you spend some time each day getting in tune with the body fantastic, then you have alot more power to add to medical treatment to help yourself along.

Life is meant to be lived, Greatly, Wonderfully, and with passion and positive thinking. Giving in to negative numbers, words or judgements, will only set you up for a trip into the big pile of shit that we should try to avoid at all costs. Because you know, if you sit in that pile of shit for too long, then you will start to smell like that shit, and then nobody will want to be seen near you or associate with you either, because you will STINK like SHIT!!

So listen to your body, get in tune with it. Take some time each day to do something just for YOU and no one else. Meditate, pray or reflect and listen to the words of the sages who are giving you this very useful information, it will become your mantra when life begins to throw you curve balls and sliders. Better to have knowledge in the bank, than none at all.

OH and Keep a body journal, On your own. Your observations will help you and your doctor treat your conditions better. That goes for any condition or issue. Keeping a journal of progress you can look back on as things begin to repeat themselves over time. Each time you hit an issue or a problem you will see it, face it and deal with it differently each time it comes up. As we progress and grow and live better lives, past experience and coping skills will be polished.

The more data you have in your library of coping skills the better prepared you will be when the BIG ISSUES come to the fore! Listen, and listen well. If you pass up free information, then it will be your loss when you really need it.

Addiction is a Spiritual Disease
That needs a Spiritual Cure

Addiction is the search for Ecstasy

Once found in healing ...

"Euphoria is the return to the memory of Holiness"

So many lessons. So little time...


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