Sunday, July 31, 2005

Of parks and children

Carmi's son, Noah, turns 5 today !!! Oh to be that young again!! Happy Birthday Noah. You have your entire life ahead of you. Carmi told the story of his son's party as it would happen. His link is up in the hyperlink above.

I was thinking about child hood and my favourite memory. We lived in New Britian Connecticut for a few years until a few years after my brother was born. I was an allergetic child and the clinic we went to was called "Grove Hill Clinic." My doc and my moms OBGYN was in the same building. Below that Hilltop office sat a park in an area that next to the stretch of highway that led to "grove clinic."

That park was called "Willow Brook Park" in New Britian. In later years that park would be modernized with a HUGE ball park and football stadium built upon that area. There was a "brook" that one could walk in and explore which led to a lake on the other side of the hill. Well, to a small boy, that hill was a mountain. There were swings and teeter totters and the metal "slide" as Carmi talked about in his bog the other day.

This was my favourite park in my childhood, we visited it often. And when we visited my family from Florida we would return to this park often. This was a VERY special memory !!


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