Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Morning coffee

Time for morning coffee..

I rose out of my slumber to find a bunch of comments from a certain group of people. You are all banned from commenting further on my blog, your comments have been deleted and all related posts have also been deleted.

Gay Marriage is about the love between 2 people of the same sex.

It is not about sodomy.

The bible is NOT a history book, nor a science manual.

You learn that in Biblical History, at least I did.

Why don't you invest in some "real education for the real world in a country that is not
SLANTED towards the right like the U.S."

Yes religious study is more than a degree, but what I have learned about the "church" and "Myself in relation to the church" is invaluable.

This is not a sodomy issue.

YOU are the ones bringing up sodomy. Why is how we have sex, such a threat to people who will not even discuss the Taboo subjects like SEX? What is it with you stuffy, ignorant Americans, you'd rather point the finger and cry foul, before you even entertain discussion on the many dimensions and thougths on social culture in other countries!

I mean There IS more to life and the living of that life outside the United States.

YOU Are NOT the superpower, end all be all of good and moral living.

Just look at what your administration is doing all over the world! And you want the rest of the world to be like you?? Hell no. not even on Holy Sunday, God forbid.

The gay community has not brought up sexual issues when it comes to the gay marriage issue, what we have brought up is equality and fair treatment for all.

YOU christians are turning this into a deviant sexual debate.

And THAT is YOUR problem not ours.

They say in AA the if you don't like something about another person then you must have a problem with you. When you point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers and a thumb pointed BACK at you!

AND they say "straight people" who go on and on about the gay agenda have their own skeletons in their closets, so I invite you to "come out" and face the duality of man and woman, that being the masculine and the feminine sides of your persona and Come Out, Come Out of your closets. Unleash that internal homophobia...

It has been proven that the dog who barks the loudest and longest has the most to hide. What are you hiding christian? did you suck some cock or get it on with a fellow "male or female" friend in adolescence or maybe college? Do you wonder about the sacred sex practices of the normal gay couple? Are you questioning your own sexuality because we get it on where ever, when ever much to the chagrin of the "normal" heterosexual couple?

You see the LGBT community explores all the "Norms and the Taboos" of sex and relationships to the "Nth degree." We are not afraid to "push the envelope" sexually and such. That is what separates us from the heterosexual.

We buy sex toys, dildos, leather,rubber, handcuffs and assorted sexual items to enhance our sex lives, we are NOT afraid to explore the dark side of sex. I suggest you try it before you tell us that WE are deviant!

I think maybe some of you "straight laced christians" need to KINK up your sex lives and try a little S&M and deviance, let your wives dominate you men and maybe you women should let your husbands push the envelope of regular "vanilla" sex, it might "open you up" to new ideas and practices.

Ohhh the taboo of sex, lets talk about sex! Come on don't be afraid. Sex is natural, it is Sacred and Taboo and Profane in all its complexity.

I learned in University that:


Have you ever sat down with a gay person and get to know them for WHO they are, and not WHAT they are? Are you even interested? And why do you care who and what we are as people. It just seems that you christians always need a cause to preach about, a soap box to stand on, a difference to make out to be a big huge issue, when you dont need to. You need a cause to "occupy" your brain because you are afraid to look at yourself.

You need to spend more time looking at the way YOU live your life and what you do with that life, rather than spend so much time and energy telling the rest of us how to live our own lives. Don't you think we do that? or do you think we spend all day and night on all fours getting poked up the ass??? well we don't.

Don't you all have lives and families that you could be focusing on, instead of spinning your wheels spewing your judgements, narrow mindedness and hate towards people far away?

Do you really think for one moment that Canadian Society spends one moment thinking about how we should be involved in your lives? Hell NO, we have more important things to think anout every day, like going to school, taking care of our children, taking cae of our own lives, medical issues and homes, and staying clean and sober one day at a time, than wasting mental space and energy thinking about YOU.

You'd be surprised at just how little time others spend thinking about you.

We don't talk about the taboo in the United States do we, because it does not fit within the context of the american discussion norm. Jesus, the gay friends I have don't fixate on sex, although we do talk about it, it is not the end all be all of our relationships. A healthy sex life is good, and kink never hurt anyone, unless that is what was intended to happen or agreed to between two consenting adults.

Leave your fucking bedrooms and living rooms and explore the world out here, for at least a year and see how the rest of the world lives and loves and has sex.

I know you don't have sex clubs in the U.S. we have many here in Montreal as well around the world in different cities. The sex trade exists and it flourishes. I've even been to one, with my hubby. It's nice to watch!! it's nice to explore sexuality in all it's rawness.

The sex industry is alive and well in many foreign countries, so you christians better get used to the fact that YOU will not convert us to heterosexecy and straight Christian values.

Please kindly see your self to the door, and don't let it hit ya where the good lord split ya. And secondly, you can all take your bibles and shove them where the sun doesn't shine!!

What are you hiding you closeted fucking queers ??? Scared to admit you'd like a little kink and sexual action in your bedrooms? Are your sex lives so boring that you need to know what we are doing in ours? Does that excite you? Does it make you nervous with the thought of pushing your own envelopes? Wouldn't you just love to know what it feels to do something "Naughty?" There in nothing like trying a little chocolate on those nights when vanilla just doesn't cut it.

They say, don't knock it till you try it, eh! You might like it.

Please stop judging and pushing your christian agenda.

WE don't want to hear it.

The discussion has started and the sex therapist is in!!

God has not communicated with ME directly. So until he does I will continue to live my life as I have always done. And you all can just stay in the U.S. and leave us Canadians alone. Same sex legislation stands and IS law, and there is nothing you all can do to change that here.

But I warn you, one day your derisiveness will come back to haunt you, Mark my words.



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