Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Monday !!

Come on now
Sing it with me...
"Monday Monday"
dah, dah, dah - dah - dah dah !
Monday Monday
Can't trust that day !!

I went to bed last night at a nominal hour, 2am. Which for me is early. We watched some television last night, Grey's Anatomy was on, no bother it was a repeat, I just love that show. "Dead Baby Bike Race!" episode. Late night we watched a biography channel program about Rudyard Kipling. What an amazing man. I love to read, I guess I am going to have to read some more of his work.

I got MAIL from the "journeyman" today !! How exciting. I've lived in Missouri, YUCK!! I'd never go back there as long as I live. Such horrible memories of that place. *runs for cover*
It's good to see you back around. I thought you gave up on me. he he he Iowa was nice, Sioux City to be exact.

I have not been sleeping well lately, neither has Peter. He is nursing an ear infection lately. I usually don't sleep well, when he is tossing and turning. This morning he got up early to go to the doctors, and i have to tell you, we live 17 stories above downtown Montreal, and damn, the noise in the mornings here is just INSANE!! There is a hotel next door, and the delivery area runs between the 2 buildings, so all morning i listened to BEEP, BEEP, BEEP coming from below, the water tower for the Lasalle College is next door to that and is terribly noisy it sits as high as we do on the building. Then there are men (re-bricking) a building next door (behind us) so they were jack hammering all through the morning, i finally got up and slammed shut the windows and the bedroom door and turned on the AC unit so I could finish my sleep session. IT IS SO DAMN NOISY outside !!! (No i'm not p.m.s.'ssing)

DAMN, do you have to make so much f*cking noise !! God, I can't wait for winter when we seal the windows and get some real peace and quiet. Jeez!!

I had a dream this morning, about a man in a wheel chair, and I was his assistant. We were on some trip because I remember "going places" and eating in little diners and such. That's all I can recall of the dream.

I got up around 2 and showered and shaved and we set out to run some errands and I picked up my Amazon Pack, at the Pharmaprix post office, and I have some reading this week, in the form of a new book called "The Third Secret" by Steve Berry. My friend Donald read it a little while ago, and he tells me it runs along the Dan Brown story line, like the Davinci Code. I have to finish it before Friday because you know...

Yes, 4 DAYS
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price
will be released
Friday July15th -16th at 12:01 a.m.
And I will be at Indigo for the party


I will be guest blogging over at "The World According to Chuck" on Saturday the 16th, the link is ( ------------> Over there on the blog list), so make sure you mark your calendars. It's worth the time to go and read, since I wrote it over a week ago and submitted it. Chuck's had guest bloggers writing on his blog for a couple of weeks now, you should go check them out.


I spent two days watching the CNN Hurricane HeadQuarters show as Dennis made his way to the pan handle of Florida and Alabama. Hey Anderson, You were in a hurricane and almost got killed by a falling Ramada Inn sign, what are you going to do next ( I'm going to Disney World!)

Can you say insanity, I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y !! Reporting !! I mean I know how dangerous a hurricane is and how important it is to advise people of what's going on, but this LIVE EYE reporting by "citizen reporters" and "professional reporters" is going a bit too far. And they say, Please don't so anything that might bring harm to you, in taking live pictures of an advancing hurricane!!


I mean, if you wanna report something interesting, come up during a Canadian Snow Storm and do some "Live eyewitness Reporting for us!!" ha ha ha ha

Oh the clouds are building..

it's getting real dark now...

the snow is staring to fall... it's really coming down now... (12 hours pass ) well, folks, it's still snowing, and the wind is blowing, the wind is really blowing at 40 to 50 km/hr... the snow is piling up here... i think our cars and trucks are now stuck in 3 feet of snow....

I might get inspirational later tonight, so you'll have to check back.


Oh there is one more thing. I would like to address all you F*CKING spammers out there who hit my blog every night to HARVEST my email address to send me spam about Erectile Dysfunction drugs, I'VE NEVER had ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!! thank you. It seems that my blog gets over 50 hits from spammer bloggers every night... just so that the rest of you know. My outlook is pretty good at "spam control." There are alot more, like the Pink P*ssy porn emails, and the Nigerian Consulate letters, and the fake watch and bag people. I am logging all of your I.P addresses and adding them to a database of reported spammers.



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