Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 - Live Aid Memories

It is Saturday the 2nd of July and the Live 8 concert is on and Madonna is singing “Like a Prayer.” I was a teenager when the first “Live Aid” concert aired in 1985, which was the year I graduated High School. I was working in a “Chicken Unlimited” fast food store with my friends Laura and Danny, her brother and our friend Carl.

The restaurant was busy that day, we had a HUGE tv showing the concerts as they were happening. Alot of our friends came in that day to visit, eat and listen to the music. Things were so different then. Had the world contributed and took a stand, and not gotten mixed up in politics and "I am bigger than you are, and the thinking that third world countries were not that important," we could have ended world poverty then. But what can you do? In the U.S. the government was screwing over her own people, how could you expect them to give any more money away! That's what I could never understand then, why couldn't we?? do more??

It WAS and IS all about Power, Greed, Ignorance and Arrogance.

That's what keeps us from turning the world into a better place for everyone. I think the world superpowers need to stop spending money on the mechanisms of war and killing and start promoting peace and equality world wide. And it all starts at home.

I think the U.S. is caught up in their own quagmire of problems and so is Canada. I don't think this concert today will be a means to an end. The world's G-8 countries are intimidated by the U.S. and it is said that Paul Martin will not meet the expected demands of today's concert's intentions. The Big Bully the U.S. needs to be taken down a few pegs !!!


I worked on the famine relief for Ethiopia in High School, collecting money for people half a world away. Little did we know then, how little of the money we had raised that year would get to where it was supposed to. But that’s another story.

In my senior year of High school we started a campaign called "WE Care." My friends and I joined a city wide, school effort to raise money for Ethiopia famine relief. We collected money for months. every day in school we would gather to count change and roll it.

Oh jeez, it's 6 p.m. now, and i've been watching the concert all afternoon and the Pet Shop boys are now playing in Moscow, "West End Boys...." What memories this song brings up, it was the song that played the day i drove my new car off the lot when i was in High School. I can see the white mustang with blue interior, i drove and picked up my friends and we drove all over the city that night, it was one of the most liberating moments on my young life then.

So, back to school. The county collected hundreds of thousands of dollars during that campaign, but alas, not everything we collected got to where it was meant to go. The problem with black market gorillas, corrupt governments and thieves prevented alot of that food we bought from ever getting to the target populations that really needed it.

You'll have to tune into the "World According to Chuck" on the 16th to read the rest of what I wrote while watching the concert today.

The day count... 14 days till Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


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