Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kings Cross Station

Amid the insanity of death and carnage
a little something of note

For Harry Potter Readers
Kings Cross Station is the location
of the Famed platform 9 3/4's
and the Hogwarts Express

This Bombing comes 9 days
prior to the release of
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The reason I posted this is that
in the coming days, we might see a rise in families
coming through this station, and the impact could have
been much much worse
it's just a thought

It is reported that this attack was supposedly timed
to coincide with the G-8 summit in Scotland
I just thought to bring up another angle of thought

In 1987 there was another tragedy at this station
in a fire on an escalator where many people died

Not to make light of a very terrible situation
but, I am watching CNN here and it's
just insane what happened


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