Saturday, July 16, 2005

International Fireworks Festival
this evenings presentation
comes via the Czech Republic
They call it

(Review Below)

Prague-based FLASH BARRANDOV SFX has been in the business of movie special effects since 1934. Fully independent from the Barrandov Film Studios since 1994, the firm has gained fame in a variety of pyrotechnical arts competitions and ranks as the leading fireworks firm in the Czech Republic. “Mystery” is a prodigiously exciting pyromusical performance inspired by the Cirque du Soleil show of the same name. The soul of this very special performance is without doubt the magnificent musical score from the Cirque show—which, incidentally, was originally recorded in studios in Prague and Montréal. Lyrical and powerful at the same time, “Mystery” will unfold in three “Waking” and three “Dreaming” sections, which promise to create a singular atmosphere fraught with emotion, inspiration—and above all mystery.

WE had great seats for the show tonight
and we hit our spot before 9pm on the bridge

The music for this show was incredibly
Dramatic and Passionate

I think, unlike the other presentations
that this show had a certain theme from the
first shell to the last

The colors were dramatic and the timing
of the shells was different than the other
presentations I have seen

One of the things that was truly different
was that - from the Dock below shells
were fired into the lagoon itself where they then
exploded into color and flash, giving one looking
from above the reflection in the water which
was really beautiful
It was a very respectful and dramatic presentation
which moved away from the flashy, whimsical
ways of other presenters

Knowing that the music is from a Cirque Show
and have seen the shows myself, music is a
huge factor in the presentation they did not

A truly Wonderful Presentation
Great Pyrotechnics from
the Czech Republic


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