Wednesday, July 13, 2005

International Fireworks Festival (13 July)

On tonight's schedule
I will have a full review after the

Spanish Passion

Presented by SPAIN

For the members of the manufacturing firm of PIROTECNIA RICARDO CABALLER, S.A. (RICASA), descendants of the famous Caballer families of Spain, fireworks is a century-old tradition passed down from generation to generation. Ricardo Caballer is a veteran of most of the great international fireworks competitions, at which its pyrotechnical excellence has been rewarded no less than 25 times. With “Spanish Passion”, the firm’s goal is to convey the passionate yet tender character of the Spanish people by revisiting their way of life, traditions and beliefs through pyromusical performance. And, to lend an authentically Iberian atmosphere to the proceedings, the firm has chosen to emphasize the two most popular of traditional Spanish musical styles: the zarzuela and the pasodoble (but it won’t fail to pay brief tribute to Don Quixote, on the 400th anniversary of this celebrated character’s creation by Cervantes).


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