Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day





Cue up John Phillips Souza and
The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Hotdogs, Family and Public displays of Patriotism

Do we really care about Patriotism?

Or are we concerned with showing the "others"
just what is in store for them and what we are now
Forcing down their throats
By occupation and Killing ???

Is this something we should be proud of ???

All hail the President and Chief of the Republic
the Fool who started a war based on
"LIES and DECEIT!!!"

It is a necessity to remember who we

When the U.S. was free of Fear and Intolerance

But was that really true??
Were we or are we really free?

We think not !!

Whoopie and Big Deal !!

When will we become free and Democratic??

When will the world
come to understand


it is in our "differences"
that we find "commonality"

not in our "sameness"

Peace and Tranquility is but a memory..

Insanity and Fear rule the hearts of man..

What a shame we have come down to this
living in fear of our neighbors
hating difference and killing the spirits of others
just because THEY are not like us

There is no pride in the stripping of others
religions, traditions and ways of life
and fear only breeds contempt

Arrogance, Ignorance and Exclusion

can come from this
So what does a man gain by loosing his soul?

Let us call an end to this occupation and war
and let us begin

to heal the rifts that separate us
then and only then
will peace and freedom be possible

What has this day become, I ask you ??


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