Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Finally - I finished the Book!!
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Disappointed - YES
Surprised - NO


There was alot, well, a whole lot of backstory
to read, memories to study, this was a great
History lesson of the Wizarding world

I suspect that book 7 will
be the confrontation that Book 6 intimates
so openly and susinctly

I was kinda hoping that the book 6 (T.H.B.P.)
would not

leave me with Anxiety as Book 5 did (O.O.T.P.)

I am pleased that this book did not!!

It was a great read, but if you want more backstory and
info: I suggest that you visit

The J.K. Rowling site (text site)
----------> over there
Lots of little bits and pieces of useful information

Worth the cash to buy the book - Definitely

Worth the hours I spent reading the book - Definitely

Am I a Harry Potter fan - Definitely

Would I recommend this read - Yes Definitely

Was it a good read - it was a Great Read

Who would I want to be most like
"Ron Weasley"

" Is this going to be like Wizarding Chess, yes, definitely
like Wizarding Chess, I'll be a knight!!!"

Although Harry and I share the same Birthday
JULY 31st ... not too far off from now!!


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