Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Earth...

EDIT: I did not write this, My SON did...

The discovery that the planet Earth was on the rural outback edge of a galaxy entirely unexceptional from countless others and was not, as most believed, the center of the Universe came as quite a shock to many on the rock in question. The theory came with the implied idea that, no; humans are not as special as we thought we were.

Still, though, major religions that once swore that the heavens rotated around the Earth continued to thrive. Many years later when it was proposed that mankind had descended from the apes and as evidence to support that claim grew society was again shocked but still religions did not fade. Even today in our scientific world that demands proof before belief, religions still continue to thrive.

Wars are often fought in the name of one god or another against a society with a different deity just as they have been for the entire history of civilization. One might point at the obvious fact that all religions can’t be right and deduct that none are. They might be right. Or, while the beliefs, customs, and traditions of the many religions differ they may all be very skewed versions of the same idea that has a basis in reality.

A simple exercise of attempting to imagine absolute nothingness, not even empty space, as opposed to matter, energy, time, and distance could give one a taste of why religions believe there was an author and reason for it all.

The alternative to the existence of the Universe is so far beyond what the human mind can comprehend that it could be used as evidence of God. However, the same evidence could be used to argue the exact opposite by saying our weak human minds due to incomplete or flawed evolution might believe something like absolute nothingness to be an impossibility that highlights all of the infinite creation when in reality it may be possible, just as an ape has no chance of mastering calculus and might mistake the calculator for its lunch.

The point, topic, and theme of this, surprisingly, is not the existence or non-existence of God. Whether or not it does is of no importance in this exercise of thought. The issue I wish to explore is the human mind’s appeal for religion. Many people cannot accept the idea that there is no eternal being that created us that takes interest in our wars, marriages, illnesses, football games and daily affairs. These are the people that I am interested in studying.

The human, after it has satisfied its needs of food, shelter, clothing, and social interaction, is often still not entirely content even though physically and socially it has all it requires. Unlike a fish, which is entirely content swimming, eating, and reproducing, the human wonders. Humans wonder as to why they, beings with mental abilities far above other animals, are in existence. Existing as the only beings on our planet that can ask this question of enormous magnitude and still be mystified makes it even more frustrating.

This feeling of isolation and of the realization that the answer to this question may never be revealed to us and that there isn’t one thing we can do about it is a sad and lonely feeling indeed. Without an all seeing god to observe our every action and judge whether or not we will be rewarded or punished, life would become to many not a test of self worth but rather would be what it appears to be in the scientific terms of our species’ goal: a simple propagation of genes by a bag of chemicals known as the human body with a total disregard for the many things we believe are important to being human; love, hate, death, and civilization to name a few.

While we do not know the meaning of life or even if there is a meaning to it, the human mind often follows religion as the method to express its belief in a divine reason for living and to rationalize all the things it puts forth effort indo doing in the short time between its birth and expiration. Without the explanation of a hunt for the meaning of life and the fulfillment of that by religion it would appear that we are nothing but a temporary redistribution of carbon like that which makes up the tree down the street or the mold growing on a long forgotten piece of cheese in the back of your fridge. I’m undecided on the issue.


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