Monday, July 25, 2005






Come join the party from all over the world
and Celebrate life and the freedoms we possess
in a country that accepts Diversity and Difference
in a world that is so rife with hate and exclusion
come see what a world of INCLUSION can look like
if you widen your gaze and you begin to
"Think Outside the Box!!"

The Festival began tonight with a "Night" Parade
and will end on Sunday with a day of concerts in the
park, with Ru Paul as our headliner Entertainer...

Not to mention, Sunday is my Birthday !!!

Bienvenue A Montreal!!

I invite all of you conservatives and religious fudamentals
from all over the world and especially the United States
come and see what OUR Gay Community is all about...

It's not about SODOMY!!
It IS about Love, Life and Equality
And if you cannot find it in your heart to allow
for Acceptance and Compassion and Inclusion
Then I feel very sorry for you!!
Come Join the Party!!!


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