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Let's start with "MAKE POVERTY HISTORY !!"


Do you Honestly think that the U.S. will take any money from the Iraq Occupation War and send it to famine and poverty relief NO FUCKING WAY !! Come on get serious. In 1985, I was in High School and LIVE AID was running, do you think that the world rose to that occasion, no not one bit. The United States and Canada, cannot even take care of basic needs of healthcare, feeding our children and taking care of the poor and the sick, they cannot even take care of their own properly, so why expect them to take care of complete strangers?

Haven't they said that "Charity begins at home?" I know I've heard that before. Too many people suffer in the world because of arrogance and ignorance of ALL the rich countries in the world. And in that same vein, they need to take care of those of us here, before they start giving money away that they don't have to begin with.

WHERE are they going to find the money to relieve debt for third world countries?


This was my second choice of what to write for Chuck’s blog on the 16th, but I submitted a 2800 word post that you will have to go read on that day. So what will I talk about today?

For 34 years I grew up, was educated and lived in the United States. In the U.S. a child is bred on the stories of wars and victories, founding fathers and independence. The United States is a Super Power, which breeds arrogance and intolerance for any one else in the world.

In the United States you lived and died for mother country. Fathers and grandfathers fought in the wars that gave us our identity. Father’s followed and eventually, possibly the children of the successive generations would do the same thing. Why go to war?

Because we have to free the world of tyranny and oppression to democratize the worlds foreign countries because that’s the way it should be? NO, WRONG!!

When I left the United States four years ago, I walked into a foreign country with her own set standards and ways of life. Canada was an entirely different country. This is the land of my maternal heritage, one that I am divinely connected to. I took a leap of faith by moving here and I have not wasted a single minute on this journey.

I know it took me a long time to acclimate to the culture of Montreal and Canada on a grander scale. Quebec is a great place to live, for all her quirks and problems and issues at hand, I love this city. It embraced and welcomed me with open arms. She became the mother that I was looking for. In her I found men and women whom I respect greatly for their wisdom and patience.

I went back to University, in the fall of 2003. The War in Iraq had begun prior to then, and the anti-American sentiments in this city and across the face of the world began to rise. There were demonstrations in the streets every day. I took a bold step and advice of my peers and did as I was told. I put my U.S. citizenship in a box, I locked it and put it up on the shelf in the closet, and I began to embrace my Canadian Life. It did not end there, not by a long shot.

It is one thing to sew a Canadian flag on ones backpack and luggage; it is entirely a different story when it comes to understanding what it means to “BE” a Canadian, to understand the policies of a nation and to adopt your own sense of self and take a stance and build upon it. To look at other countries like the U.S. and figure it out for myself, I had to do that, in order to find my place in the universe.

I found that I did not agree with a lot of things I was told and taught as a citizen of the U.S. I h ad to adopt a more “critical” eye towards those things I “Thought” were right and the truth! Donald is really great at getting you to take “critical views” of the norms of society and studies. To have a critical eye makes one able to see the other sides with new vision and understanding. That was one of the greatest gifts he gave me, “the critical eye!”

In University I was told that asking questions was where it all began. Mary, one of the orientation counsellors, told us in the first days of orientation “What is your question, it all begins with a question?” It took me a while to start asking my questions, because I had over a year to consider the United States looking down over the border at you, wondering

“Was all the crap they taught us really that important?”

I Challenge anyone in the United States to leave your homes, pack your family up, and come away from your living rooms and televisions and live abroad for one calendar year and observe the United States with new eyes. See how WE see the United States, and her government and war policies. I guarantee you this; you will not go home the same person.

Over that first year in University I questioned every part of my being. At one point I did not know if I was coming or going. I remember it specifically; I had a crisis of self at the age of 35. And I went to Donald and said “I am so mixed up, I don’t know where I should stand, I was in the middle of the road, with the United States on one side and Canada on the other, and I could not stand in either camp at that point of my journey.”

Donald replied this way “He told me to not to make a choice, he said to maybe stand in the crossroads and ponder, think and observe. He told me to experience this phase of my life, and understand WHY I was here.” It took me a few months of standing in the cross roads to find my way. I eventually did find my way, I kept walking forward.

And what did I learn, that I do not agree with a lot of things that I was taught as a U.S. Citizen. I don’t believe all the lies I was fed to believe any longer. I know, “for myself” that the Government did not work for the people; it worked for the rich and those in power. I know “for myself” that the government could have cared less about men, women and children with AIDS.

The United States is NOT the end all be all of world domination. That wars fought in the name of democracy are wars that lead to more death and division than the democracy that they are purporting as a cause. The world does not need to be “converted” to the ways and traditions of a Patriarchal, misogynistic, piss contender nation that it is. The crusades have begun in earnest in the Middle East, and if you click on any of my Baghdad bloggers over there on the list, you will see just what they see from the inside, and they will tell you that the United States needs to get OUT of the Middle East. The conditions that those people areliving in NOW are WORSE, than they were before this Offensive Occupation began.

A U.S. Citizen is NOT free to speak their minds nor are the majority of you able to affect change because of the “religious right” conservative pricks that are in office today. The moral and social gospel of a nation is being “managed” by those very same Christians who tell us that they believe and preach the word of God. So I ask you, where is the love, tolerance and acceptance of those with different struggles and ways of life?

As a gay man I did the dance. I lived in a city where the gay community was forced to uproot themselves from where they were ensconced to find new places to live and set up “community.” All the gay community wanted was some recognition and some rights to protect them and their spouses like every other “heterosexual” couple gets. I would not find it in the United States. I found it, here in Canada. I am among a group of very proud people in Montreal; we are part of the Married Couples club. WE made history in our lives that is one thing that may never happen in the U.S. if the religious fundamentals and the conservative party of the U.S. have anything to say about it.

I learned that Canada is not perfect. We have our share of problems with racism and intolerance and bigotry, which comes where ever you live. What I do know is that there is a sense of diversity here that I did not know of in the U.S. I learned in the last 3 years in University that there is a relationship between cultures and religions. No one religion is better than the other, and all of them must find harmony to be able to exist in the same world together, and that “difference” has created all these wars and religious strife all over the world. The mere thought of “I am better or more civilized that you are” is such an arrogant way to live.

That is one thing that I cannot stomach from the U.S. how arrogant the U.S. is in the face of other countries and nations, as if they are “So Much Better” than the rest of us, which is such a crock of SHIT!! If it was possible and I know it isn’t, Canada should find other ways to survive than to put up with the bullshit that the U.S. Government throws at us.

If America is so much better than the rest of us, then maybe they should start living the example and “SHOW US THE PROOF!”

Oh, that country over there is not “Christian and democratized” so lets make up excuses and start a war in the name of God and Democracy! How many wars in fought for God did any good, but to kill and enslave a people to another's ways of living??

United States was duped by President Bush, you all fell for his rhetoric and lies and deceit. And if that isn’t a cause to start a revolution, I don’t know what is. That man should be sent to The Hague for war crimes against humanity, he should be impeached out of office and the U.S. needs to end this war and occupation of Iraq and all those other countries in the Fertile Crescent areas.

It got to the point where I was ashamed to call myself an American, because of what was going on all over the world. I think that I pissed my parents off by having the courage to say, “I have had enough of this shit and I am out of here.” My father would rather die then think bad about the country he went to war for in Viet Nam. God forbid you think for yourself and find your own beliefs and take a stance that may just go against the grain of society.

The United States is neither the land of milk and honey nor the keepers of all those huddled masses yearning to break free and have better lives. I think that the Statue of Liberty should be washed clean of that writing of promise to immigrant and foreigners until the United States can stand up and be that giving.

Now we have new passport laws, biometric identification tags we will have to abide by, to circumvent the terrorists trying to get into the U.S. and the “Everyone is a suspect” mentality is more damaging to the WORLD community than you know. There are cameras in major cities taking face photographs of citizens, being fed into an international database of “terrorist lists.”

The United States is becoming a nation of “terrorist fanatics!” What is that? And what have we become, a nation that has to live with one eye looking out the back of our heads? Do you really want to live that way? Is that a healthy and productive way to live?

The Government puts up these studies of ways that terrorists can infiltrate the country and openly puts this on the market of news consumption and says, “Hey look over here, there is another way they can get us, as if inviting the killer to dinner. Is that insane or what, and am I the only one who shakes his head every night watching the U.S. National news?

I am not at odds with the American people, just some of you. I am dismayed at the governments ability to boldly LIE to her people and coerce them into believing that the United States Government “has your backs” and that this war we are fighting over there in the Middle East is Good and Worthy of praise and support, meanwhile your sons and daughter, fathers and mothers are being KILLED daily trying to “convert” a clearly Muslim nation to the ways and beliefs of the Christian Democratic Super Power.

We should divide and conquer every country that is not civilized or democratized as we are, let us go out and educate the masses and kill them if they resist, they are like the BORG, “You will be assimilated, and resistance is Futile!!”

And you, the American people sit back in your little homes and say, well, he is our President and he knows best, I hate to burst your bubble, but Bush is a puppet and a fool and one day he will pay the price for what he has done. But he still has a few years in office to continue lying to you and the world about his motives and directions.

The United States is NOT the superpower of choice, and your arrogant, Big Brother, I am the Bully on the block, that the U.S. Is the Best because we have the Most, will one day come to an end, and where will you all be when the big door opens?

I have found my path and my direction. I know who I am and what I believe. I may not agree with my government all the time, and who does, but I know today that I am FREE.

So take the challenge, come see your world with new eyes from a place outside your borders, and see if I am right in my opinion. You will never know until you leave the comfort and safety of the plot of land you occupy and claim as home.


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