Friday, July 01, 2005

Dinner and a train trip

The skies have opened up here in Montreal and dumped rain, rain, and more rain upon us. There were some pretty good Thunderstorms that passed through earlier. But it is still muggy and miserable. They rell us it will rain some more. What we really need is a good "all night" rainstorm, to clean the air and bring down the temps.

Canada's greatest ride is starting up again, i guess the rebraodcast of the entire series over the weekend. The train is just leaving Vancouver once again. I enjoyed seeing the entire landscape from province to province. They are all so different. There has been "nothing" on tv for the last week. That's summer for you, all the good shows are on hiatus till the fall.

So I went over to VIA RAIL, last night and joined up on the student site as well, applied for my Via Rail Preference account. Since we have I.S.I.C. cards (International Student Identity Cards) we can travel at a discount. I think that would make a great vacation across Canada. Then we could get the other "Prairie Bloggers" to join the ride on out to Vancouver!! Now that would be great.

So Question: How many Canadian Bloggers would take a Via Rail Trip ?? Y'all know who I am talking about !! There's a few in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and B.C.

Canada Day celebrations in Montreal are on review every half hour tonight, because of the rain.
They are expecting people to show up over on Ille Ste. Helen for the concert and fireworks tonight (weather permitting) at this point. The Parade this morning had very poor attendence. We could hear them upstairs here as they came up the tunnel to start the run down Ste. Catherines towards Place des Arts.

It is Friday, so it is Chore and laundry day. It rained for most of the afternoon. Which was nice. With a clean house, we went and did the weekly shop for food, and I have just put my casserole in the oven to bake. We watch "Christine Cushing Live" every day on Food Network Canada at 1 p.m. here and today she cooked a pie that looked so yummy that I had to try and bake it myself, we'll see how it comes out.

So the sun is setting and the winds are really blowing up. It's great at 17 stories when the breeze blows its quite comfortable. We rented some movies for later on, and the hubby is taking his Mid-Day siesta. So we'll see ya later on. Maybe I'll get inspired to post something truly great after dinner.


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