Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A day is coming...

It's Tuesday !!
Time for some
Experience, Strength and Hope...

So let's begin with Jayson and Estelle If this jerk keeps emailing you and you've been nice and diplomatic, then maybe it's time to start using some Online technology to Block them from personally attacking you. There are plenty of easy solution bells and whistles we can give you to do that. Disrespectful bloggers and commenters are few and far between, and it seems that there is always one ASSHOLE in the barrel!!

WWJD??? I think, he'd kindly say, "Grow the Fuck Up" in his ever patient way!! and sometimes Jesus even got mad, ( 7 times) biblically!! Don't let the assholes ruin your efforts and Please, for God's sake, don't rent them space in your brain.


Shawna, yes you are right, admission of a problem HAS to happen before a solution can be found, because if you don't know what's broken, how can you fix it? We all grow up, some faster than others, and some don't ever get to this point at all, most crash, burn and end up DEAD !!

And I know for myself, it took a long time for me to get here. Now you have choices, to either help your friend along a path to recovery and self discovery, or he can walk alone. I believe that "support" along the way helps. But you can't do the work for them.

Admitting that there is a problem, acceptance of that problem and also that we are human and flawed, and that shit happens is necessary, then one needs to find a power greater than themselves to get better. This "step" approach is applicable to any situation or problem we have in life, family, men, women, sex, addiction, alcoholism, whatever!!

If you want to change a behavior then why not use a method that is proven to work for many others around you!



I've tagged 5 people to do the Book ME ME.... You all know who you are !!

Today's Topic.... Choices, Decisions, Responsibility and Vigilance !! Need I say More ???

It rained today ! Finally !! and it is alot cooler tonight than it has been in some time. There is food in the fridge, it was a great day, and life is wonderful. I got to see alot of my friends tonight as usual on Tuesday's! My little minion of readers are devouring the books I gave them to read over the last 2 weeks. Yes, I run a book club in my sober circle. We do a book exchange whenever anyone reads a great book, whatever the topic.

So many people coming out of the wood work - running scared - and WHITE KNUCKLING it in sobriety after years and years. It's amazing that today, I am "____" just this close to the edge, and if I am not vigilant and honest that I could go there too.

My daily sobriety is contingent on my spiritual condition.

It's good that the "old" faces have been showing up lately, that was the lifeblood of my home group for many years. It is important that they "Show Up" to show the young ones that Long Term Sobriety is Possible!!

We were saddened to hear tonight that a member went out, used and drugged and then hung themselves, because they got wrapped up in "god." They just ran, and ran until the demon caught up with them...I never like to hear that things like this happen in sobriety, but alas, it does. All I can do is pray for their soul tonight.

It's sad, very sad, when I hear that people still struggle with that concept, (god) or a power greater than ourselves! Some people never find the solution...
(G) ood (O) rderly (D) irection.


So the day in coming to a close... And I have begun to notice that changes are happening in the air. The sun is rising later than it had been, the sunset is coming earlier than it used to. My friend Nikki and I spoke about the fact that the darkness is coming on and in a few weeks, the Fall will begin here in Canada. The shift is beginning here in Montreal. Cooler Longer nights, this heat wave needs to end, and I hope it has begun. I can't wait for this Summer season to end. I like the Fall and Winter better! I will write more on this later, as the season begins to make that marked shift!
So some music...
From Steven Curtis Chapman
"Coming Attraction"
From his Cd, entitled
All Things New!!

A day is coming
when all will be fed
there won't be a single hungry mouth
begging for bread
a day is coming
when every disease
will be swept away
as mercy floods through every street
a day is coming,
a day is coming,
a day is coming,
But until that day comes
Let your kingdom come in me
Let your will be done in me
Here on earth as it is and as it will be in heaven
Show your glory to the world
tell your story to the world
let my life be a preview of coming attractions
A day is coming
that won't fade to night
There'll be no more hatred to endure
No wars to fight
There'll be no orphans
No prisoners or slaves
All the tears of death and pain
Will be washed away
The day is coming
It's surely coming
Jesus, you're coming
But until that day comes
Shine your light through me
Live your life through me
Let the world see Your kingdom come in me...


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