Friday, July 22, 2005

At the end of the day ...

The children are all tucked into bed, the dishes are all washed and put away, my final check through my blog list to see who is still up and blogging away. The day was wonderful. I got to see my friend Josh, and i don't get to see him very often because of our schedules, but i was on my way up to the office and i beckoned him from the universe. And it happens that every time I beckon him he shows up, ever so unexpectantly. Josh was among my wedding party last Fall. I love him to death, he's so cool and hip, and he's an honest friend. I have a few really cool "straight" friends. And I like to think that our friendships surpass any lines of difference.

After writing "my two dads" and their responses I sent a note off to my favorite prof, you know donald Boisvert is a published man as well. He multitasks very well. I will see him when he returns from his vacation. but his suggestions were the same, he said..."you know just start writing, the rest will come very easily!" I have to go back through some old posts.

I emailed a few friends tonight, YES YOU, you know who you are! And I got an email from a man in the states whom I don't know, but he came looking for some life info! It seems that he read some of my work, and has been diagnosed longer than I have been, i was humbled.

You see, watch out for what you ask from God, because if HE thinks you are ready for it, then it will probably be granted to you!

Gratitude list......

Good friends
People who encourage me
My hubby
Good food for dinner, (I made crock pot Beef Bourginone) I am such the housewife
Quiet time
The beautiful day
simplicity and the moment
and breath in my lungs tonight

see ya tomorrow !!
gooonite !


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