Thursday, June 23, 2005

Working on an essay article

Reader Participation Encouraged

I have a date with a Blog on
July the 16th
Guest writing for Chuck Sigar's
"The World According to Chuck"

Now, I know I have regular readers
and new ones as well and I am putting
some ideas together to present to the Seattle
community where Chuck lives and writes

I need YOUR input on some
Story Ideas
Subject Matter
or Topics
that (YOU) as a reader
oh lets say
from the West Coast or any area would find
interesting, educational and informative
If you've never read me before!!!

So over the next few weeks, I need your help
to put this essay together - and If I use your
idea, you will get mention and linkage when
I present my piece to my readers on the 16th

You have read my blog for some time and you
know my writing style and the differentiation
of topics I write about What would you say
is a strong topic that another community
might find interesting to know about
Me and My Montreal or maybe the People in
my Blog Family!


Let's make a great presentation
to the Readers and Residents
of Mukilteo
And The West Coasters

"Go Ahead, MAKE MY DAY!!!"


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