Friday, June 24, 2005

That makes 8

And Yesterday
Became the 8th Province of Canada
that voted to Approve Gay Marriage

Now all we need is Parliament
To Pass the Gay Marriage Legislation
Next week as planned

Then Gay Pride In Canada
WILL be a True Celebration of
Monumental Achievement

You have to Live, Live, Live
Life is a Banquet and Most Poor Suckers are Starving!

Hooray for New Brunswick !!

The News Article:

CBC NEWS – New Brunswick's Minister of Justice says the province will comply with a landmark court ruling on Thursday that opens the door to same-sex marriages. Justice Judy Clendenning of the Court of Queen's Bench found that it was unconstitutional to deny gay people the right to a civil union. Her decision was based on a case in Moncton involving four same-sex couples who said their rights were being violated by New Brunswick's traditional definition of marriage.

The judge gave the province of New Brunswick 10 days to comply with her ruling, which will make it the eighth province in Canada to recognize same-sex unions. Justice Minister Brad Green says his department will begin immediately to make the necessary changes. That includes drawing up a new marriage form, with different wording. "If you were to look currently at a marriage certificate, or licence, in the province of New Brunswick, the terminology use is of bride and groom and obviously in light of the court decision those words no longer have the same meaning," Green said.

The justice minister is also ordering a review of the adoption laws to see if they are compatible with same-sex couples having the same rights as any other married couple. Clendenning said the definition of civil marriage should be changed to "the lawful union between two persons," rather than between a man and a woman. Alison Menard, the lawyer for the same-sex couples, said that revision is exactly what her clients wanted. "What it means is that anybody that meets the definition of capacity to marriage is able to go and get a marriage licence," Menard said. "So in this particular circumstance, couples of the same gender will be able to obtain marriage licenses and celebrate marriages."

Associations that represent gay people in New Brunswick are celebrating the judge's decision as a milestone in their struggle for acceptance. Eldon Hay, who speaks for a support group for families of gay people, says the change is long overdue. "Homosexuals in our province are going to be less looked down upon," Hay said. "Since the legislation will be changed, it means that gays and lesbians are on an equal playing field. That's the big change."

Churches, synagogues and all other religious assemblies will retain the right to marry whomever they wish. The court ruling will not compel them to perform gay marriage ceremonies. But opponents of same-sex marriage say the decision still has far-reaching consequences for them and for society as a whole. Kenneth Gilliard, with the Abundant Christian Life Centre in Meductic, says the ruling undermines the cornerstone values that hold families together. And he wonders what will come next. "

If they are going to change the definition of marriage, then do they start with the definition of husband and the definition of wife, the definition of father and mother, family, community … where do they draw the line? It's quite ridiculous." The justice minister says he'll read the decision to see if there's any reason for an appeal. But that would seem unlikely in light of comments made by Premier Bernard Lord.

Lord has stated several times that he believes in the traditional view of marriage, as a union between a man and a woman. However, he said the government wouldn't put up a fight if the courts, or Parliament, ordered the province to give full recognition to same-sex civil unions.


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