Tuesday, June 07, 2005


After my bitch and moan post last night
Peter invited me to watch TBAA at midnight.
I will always watch this Show whenever its on.

It was Monica's 50 case review episode.
I think he knew that - that was what i really needed
since TBAA is something I relied on to get me
through the dark times in the past.

I'm trying to DO, not trying to try,
to get past this - but I just feel sick.
and I am not happy, and this is not good.

So I dropped my Late evening class in opt
for a shorter academic day, to return to
my Tuesday HOME GROUP routine
as in Coffee shortly with my friends
and a MEETING!

My prayer life is lacking and I need to get back
to the way things were, I think that would
help me spiritually, emotionally and soberly!

I got up feeling crappy this morning,
but then I took a hot shower and groomed
and went grocery shopping for the week,
and now I am off to see my friends for coffee
So i will see y'all later tonight.

Thank you all for your support and comments
they MEAN ALOT to me.
At least I know someone out there is praying for me.


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