Sunday, June 12, 2005

Snapping the Tether Pt. 2

I have had the evening to think about what i've experienced today and it has left me extremely unsettled and feeling a bit "out of sorts." The read, left me wanting more although the section from pages 170 onwards were very telling and informative. If you don't have a copy of this book, and you are like me with the feeling of "been here and done that" then this should explain why!

I need to have a long chat with my hubby about these last few months as I have not talked about this "area" of my life with him, because I was still trying to figure it out myself. Now I have some ground to stand on and some information that might assist me intrying to "explain" why we met and the reason we connected so "tightly" from the first night was set eyes on each other. To say that it was not the "sexual" gotta have you kind of "coupling" would be an understatement. We met under the roof of a "meeting" with discussion of angels and divine inspiration! This is an underlying thread in our relationship. That there was "GOD" and he had made himslef known to us through people we came in contact with, then in our meeting providentially !

I truly feel that we were meant to spend this existence together for a real "purpose!" Read the Book and "get that thought!"

We come from another life, with mandates. We come to this life to learn lessons and do things that we did not necessarily "get" the last time around. And maybe a "theme" arises that One recognizes, well at least I do. Over the last year - I have learned many "important lessons!" After reading this book, I can get a better understanding of just how "important" those lessons were to my preparation to leave this lifetime, and get on to the next one, in essence, moving to another "plane!"

This all must sound strange coming from me, but ever since I was diagnosed many years ago I have tried to figure out why I am still alive at this point in the "game!" I can look back with certainty now, when Peter was really "down and out" that it was a time for him to take care of him, and the universe had a greater task at teaching me a few things about "me." The book talks about "groupings" of people being together over several lifetimes. Again, to understand this, you'd need to read the book. I guess I am typing this for myself so that it is written down comepletely as coherent as I can say it to understand later.

There are lessons for all of us to learn and I have always said that if you do not learn a lesson the first time around, you will come back to re-learn or rework it another way until the "Masters" think you have sucessfully "got it!" I hear the voice as well, and sometimes I can look back over my posts and see where little bits of "masters" advice seeps its way into the page here for you all to read. Where does all that widsom come from, and how does it get from "There to Here?"

One theme repeates itself in the read, the notion of "patiently waiting" and 'getting intune with the path you are on, we are all meant to do something with the life we are granted. I know as a young boy, lessons were imparted to me and communicated clearly to me, and now I can see why they were placed where they were in my "field of vision." They were there waiting to be accessed later as I needed them.

Now I can make sense of some of my childhood, and I know why certain people were where they were for the limited time they were there. So all that mourning I did when they were taken from me, kept me mindful of their presence IN ORDER to keep those lessons in the "front" of my brain. Because I think they "knew" that eventually i would realize just why they were put there, and HOW I would best utilize that information.

I know I have successfully navigated through a "large" portion of my "time and space" in the last few days. I know that i will spend some time reflecting of just "where" I have been and try to figure out what i brought "forward" and what needs to be still worked on!

I am all about "self discovery." I believe that "whatever works!!" When I started the many different techniques at therapy after all the traumatic events in my life, I never shut the door on anything, because the parapsychic avenue was available to me and i explored it fully. The gifts are there, the foresight and the "Seeing!" the being able to "empathically" know people is a blessing and a curse. That little button has been off for some time. There are so many paths we can take to try to expalin why we are where we are, and why we lived the life we did and WHY what happened what did, in the order that it happened makes perfect sense to me.

The whole issue with the parental ignorance is a "BIG TICKET" item.

I was able to look at this area of ly life and try to learn something valuable. I grew up, and i grew OUT! I am constantly renewing myself as the onion gets peeled back layer by layer. My parents never desired to learn the lessons they needed to and i can foresee, that (in my humble opinion) and yes, i know, who am I to judge, but, they may have to repeat these lessons again.

I should not say that because it brings me down to the level that is beneath me, but it has to be said. If "groupings" of people come back together to learn a lesson either individually or as a family unit, then I think, we missed the boat on the "family unit!"

And Maybe we were just supposed to get to where we got and walk away, because that was all they had to do for me. Bringing me "into" the world and getting me "out the door" could have been their only contractual agreement.

Maybe this part of our lives was only "agreed upon" for a certain time limit. MAYBE, I was supposed to learn some lessons on my own, totally separate from them. And mourning their loss can now begin in earnest because I understand that concept. Maybe I was a "sole" journeyman on this lifetime. Maybe I was supposed to learn something and transmit that "into" the universe. And so here I am tonight telling the universe that i "got - this much" information processed.

Over the years through dream therapy and study I have found certain paths and understandings of how I got from "there to here!" My dreams were informative and sometimes prophetic. I guess you have to be "in tune" with the universe before it can "give you" those keys and secret teachings that may only be available at certain times. I know about "snapping the tether," I know How to "do it" on my own accord now. I have spent the better part of the last three days "watching and listening!" To my husband and my inlaws.

We grew closer once again, and the house ran much smoother. We took a stand and said what needed to be said at the moment that "that" information was necessary.

For the first time since Peter and I have been together I "released" some vitally critical information to Peter's father. He accepted the information without discussion nor problem, allbeit, last nights dinner out was tense for Peter after learning that his father now knew he has not been working for over a year now, and had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with a "problem" which has successfully been medicated and treated. I was honest and forthcoming with that information after he and mom made several backhanded comments in the open about Peter's employment insurance. His father also knows that Peter is currently a "full time" student with a no less than 3.5 average. He was very pleased. He said that were were in our thirties now, and that he trusted that we "knew" what we were doing, and thay they would support us 100%.

I know I am here for a reason, and Peter is in my life for his journey as well. Now, I think it is time for me to "bring him on board!" These are just some random thoughts to add to what i wrote a little earlier tonight.

I haven't done any off reading as I usually do, i will do that when i get home. it is easier to navigate the bookmarks from the toolbar, instead of flipping from my blog to other assorted pages. As it's midnight and I need some sleep, after the "active nap session" I had this afternoon.

Goonite from Ottawa.


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