Monday, June 27, 2005

Riding the Train (Day 2)

What have I done today? Not much.

It is just too hot to be running all over town. We did all the laundry and washed ALL of the bedding and cleaned the house again. I spent ALL NIGHT last night watching "Canada's Greatest Ride." Talk about being mezmorized by a train!! I went to bed close to 4am, with the train rolling through the dark. And I sat there and watched, it was addictive television. The vistas at first light and by day are just "freakin amazing." This afternoon I picked up the repeat portion of the show to see what I missed. The show runs from 6pm to 6am (EST) the repeats the entire 12 hour presentation during the day from (6am to 6pm)

Tonight the day started once again at 6pm. The train was well into the journey from Vancouver through Kamloops to Blue River on into Jasper in Alberta. We are now watching "Don't Forget Your Passport - Alberta!" The scenery IS just amazing. I have been sitting here watching this show since 6 and it's almost 8:30 now. Peter is off at the gym, so i've been vegetating in front of the TV. Not a whole lot to do while on vacation. I have asked Peter if he would be interested in taking this trip as a vacation. he kinda nodded, "yeah, yeah we could do that!"

The International Jazz Festival is due to start this week.
You can find out more here at this link.

The Festival starts on June 30th to the 10th of July. This is one of the BEST festivals of the Summer here in Montreal. The Downtown area around "Place Des Arts," is converted into many "stage areas" where a myriad of entertainers will take visitors on journeys around the jazz world. There are tons of free concerts outdoor and as well, indoor Grand Gala Events. You can come down and spend the days here, there is AMPLE food available, and the assorted BEVY of alcoholic drink choices.

What is a Canadian Event without Canadian BEER!

If you are able to get here during the festival I highly encourage you to attend. Bring some comfy clothes and shoes and your trusty "Bottle of water" and come and enjoy some of the finest Jazz Music in a city that is wonderful itself. On Tuesday July 5th is the Grand Event on the main stage. This grand event is a taped for TV free concert - The year I went, was 2002, and there was at least a million people in the square for this concert. I stood in my spot for over two hours, so be ready to stand and SWEAT. This concert is a "not to miss" event, that is, of course, if you can take crowds and heat and alot of time on your feet, if you dont get a spot to sit down. It is recommended that you get to the Main Place Des Arts Square about 3 hours before the concert begins at 9:30p.m.

At the same time, The International Fireworks Festival is still going on the link is here:

There is so much to do and see in Montreal in the Summer. The parks are well groomed and there are garden after garden full of flowers and shrubs. Ille St. Helene is open, the Old Staging grounds of Expo '67. There are pools and biking tracks, you can learn to and rent Kayaks on the River, you can bike all over Montreal, climb mountains, and if you have the desire, you can trek out to the Mountains and hike the hills and valleys.

One does NOT drive in Montreal in the Summer!! That's why we have Mass Transit. It may not be prefect but it is plentiful and reliable.

Get out and see Canada if you can. I know I have many Canadian Readers out in the Prairie provinces, like Jayson and Estelle, Marc and Angela, Becky and her beau, and Jason and his wife in Alberta. Maybe some of them will come and read this and offer up some tid bits of things going on in their "neck of the woods!" he he he he

I had posted a request for all of you to participate in putting some ideas to paper for my guest spot over on Chuck's blog on the 16th, and NONE of you responded!! So pitch me some ideas of what we Canooks can offer my West Coast readers in a few weeks. That's why there is my great Haloscan comments, so USE them.

What else have I got for you? Um, nothing...

I will be back later tonight with an update on "Canada's Greatest Ride!" Until then, have a great evening.


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