Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rain, Rain, go away....


It's a rainy day in the neighborhood, a rainy day in the neighborhood, would you be mine, could you be mine ???

Yes, it's raining again today, thundering and lightening. It's wet, wet, wet...

I got up only to return to my horizontal meditation, hubby went to the gym, and I have the house to myself and "Emeril Live" cooking show.


I forget to mention the other night that Rosie made her second appearance in QAF the Final Season on Monday night. Enter the controlling husband who found that Loretta was working at the Liberty Street Diner and came to fetch her, after telling Debbie that she was going to leave to escape him. Enter the husband and from the kitchen enters Debbie,


"What part of FUCK OFF don't you understand ?"

It was a great piece of acting...

Later that evening over shooters, the words came out......

"I love you," she said.

It was priceless interaction between the two characters.

Debbie was speechless, I think Loretta is in Love.


Guest Blogger...

This July, I will be taking on a new writing position over at the "World According to Chuck!" Chuck is a blogger living in the great Northwest (Seattle area) in fact. He is taking a break from his blog and has invited his friends to "Guest Host" the show while he is gone.

The LINK is over there (
---->) on the Bloglist. He wrote me today to confirm my spot in the line up. This will give me some exposure to his readers. So I have to spend some time contemplating what I will be writing about, so (HERE is where YOU ALL come into play.) I will ask my readers to submit a list of (TOP 10 TOPICS) we should present to the West Coast readers. I've been reading Chuck's blog for a long time, and I've read his collected works of literary art in his BOOK, yes, you know the drill (---->) over there on the Margin. (BUY THE BOOK!!)


So , I am returning to my cozy bed for a little while, I wanted to enter a mid-day entry for you to read. More to come this evening.


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