Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lady Bugs ...

The Lady bugs, did you know
are handy little garden friends.
There are two trees in my Inlaws backyard
that are RIFE with Aphids.
So today - while the men were sunning and working
in the yard, she went to the local garden shop
and purchased 2 bags of lady bugs.
Each bag holds 1000 ladies in "waiting."

Tonight after dinner we watered the trees and it began
to rain, as we released the "Ladies" to devour the
little green beasts of the forest.

Right now there are about 2000 lady bugs
marching their way up these trees
munching as they go!!!

Little gardening lessons one can learn.

It is beautiful in Ottawa, seeing that
we've never visited in the Summer.
So to see everything green and the gardens
blooming is quite an experience.
You should see the wonderful gardens here at the house
I hope to have some pics for you by Monday!!

I am reading, Many Lives, Many Masters
by Brian L. Weiss M.D.
What an AMAZING read.
It is quite amazing to read the book.
I'll write more about this later.

I gots to go now..

Goonite !!


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