Monday, June 13, 2005


I relate this prayer for a specific reason. Over the weeks that I was sick, in my sleep and in the air, i would hear him reciting this over my bed. For several days, every day when I would nap, he would recite this prayer. I heard him praying for me as i slept.

This memory sits in the front of my brain. All weekend I thought about him. Because I think I was supposed to know that i was being prayed for - someplace - that I would connect. It makes me cry every time I think about it. I can tell you that the same "Presence" that i wrote about just earlier today watches over me in my sleep. Like I said, the "presence" is male. I know him. I've heard him recite prayers for me. It was the same person who came for me on Sunday afternoon. He comes to make sure I am allright and to make sure I make it back to my "lifespace."

All these revelations lately are almost too much to believe, but like I have said, when one is in tune with the powers of the universe, all kinds of things start to happen. I guess I am "hooked up" and aware and welcoming of this new "phase" of energy and development.

Here is the prayer !!

Yis'ga'dal v'yis'kadash sh'may ra'bbo, b'olmo dee'vro chir'usay v'yamlich malchu'say, b'chayaychon uv'yomay'chon uv'chayay d'chol bais Yisroel, ba'agolo u'viz'man koriv; v'imru Omein.
Y'hay shmay rabbo m'vorach l'olam ul'olmay olmayo.
Yisborach v'yishtabach v'yispoar v'yisromam v'yismasay, v'yishador v'yis'aleh v'yisalal, shmay d'kudsho, brich hu, l'aylo min kl birchoso v'sheeroso, tush'bechoso v'nechemoso, da,ameeran b'olmo; vimru Omein.
Y'hay shlomo rabbo min sh'mayo, v'chayim alaynu v'al kol Yisroel; v'imru Omein.
Oseh sholom bimromov, hu ya'aseh sholom olaynu, v'al kol yisroel; vimru Omein.

I have known for some time, that if ever i left my
religion of birth, that I would convert.
This discussion was started over a year ago
because of the center that I volunteer at
and my present course of study
Judaism, is my minor concentration.
The Jewish faith is one faith that has directly impacted the
man I am today, and the way I practice my "faiths!"
I have the utmost respect for the "Jewish" facet
of my faith existence. I take very safe care of it.
For some reason I have an eternal connection to it,
and I don't know why! I just know that
somewhere, sometime, it was part of my life.
It has always been a part of my life, since I was a
small child, knowing Louie and Irene back in Miami.
The were survivors of the Holocaust, and I
was blessed to know them before they died.
We broke bread over many Shabbat when I was a young boy,
and I always think of them fondly now a days.

I was watching "Angels in America" on Showcase
these past few weeks, they played the entire series.
I was moved to tears on the last episode - more
than I was when I watched it here at home,
I have the box set.

I guess the fact that I was so sick, that
something I heard gave me some hope. It was then
that I started hearing him recite prayer while I slept.

He is so gentle and peaceful and kind.
I know he is near, I can feel it .


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